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    This week's topic is hosted by Dale Rhea.

    The topic was:

    □_____ Pointers on "How to tailor your loads for GSSF type shooting". Not necessarily looking for specific receipes but general steps the pro's use when developing their perfect load. Distinguish the difference in approach, if any, for developing your load for an Unlimited gun verses a stock gun. I know some may not currently reload but a high percentage do and more probably will in the future. Comments on powders, bullet weights/styles and general process. I am guessing that the most common calibre in GSSF in order would be: 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm and .357 Sig.

    Dale's Response is:
    Tailoring your loads for GSSF

    GSSF recommends that you use factory ammo. So unless you have a special reason or can make more accurate and reliable ammo than a factory I urge you to use factory ammo. You will have to shoot a lot to offset the cost of reloading equipment. If you shoot in two or more matches a month and practice enough to become proficient in our sport you will reload enough to defer the cost.

    Some reasons to reload are
    1. To save money, see above.
    2. Taylor the loads to the minimum power of the sport.
    3. Make more accurate ammo.
    4. Taylor the loads to your pistol.
    5. Solve a special problem.

    1. If you are really into this sport you will not save money by reloading, but you will get to shoot more. You will spend all you can on ammo either way.
    2. GSSF is easy to reload for. There is no specified minimum power factor. The minimum power you need is any thing that will knock down a pepper popper, perforate paper and last but not least made the pistol operate reliably.
    3. With GSSF you need ammo that can hold the “A” ring at 25 yards.
    4. You need ammo that will operate your pistol reliably. The Glock pistol was made to operate with full power ammo. If you are feeding it low power target ammo you may be below the lower limit for reliable operation.
    5. Small shooters may not have enough upper body mass to give the pistol enough to recoil against. The pistol may fail to feed or eject properly. This is sometime misdiagnosed as limp wrist or weak grip, the result is the same.
    I only use 9MM for GSSF so I will not be of any help on other calibers.

    I have been reloading for a long time but until my wife started to shoot GSSF I had not really learned to reload for the Glock. Rather than go trough all the trials and tests that led up to the final load that works I’ll just tell you where you need to be.

    My wife and I shoot the same ammo. There is no way I could keep different ammo separate at a match. Also maybe someone could explain to me how I could convince my wife that while her ammo is different it is somehow just as good.

    We use 124 Gr JHP Montana Gold bullets ( Starline brass (

    It is very important to use a fast progressive burning powder that will make the pistol operate fast enough to smartly eject the spent case and pick up the next round even while operating against a weaker shooter.
    Shooters with a strong grip and enough body mass will be able to use slower powder and may achieve better accuracy.

    Dale Rhea's response to topic was posted by Bobby Carver for Dale Rhea.