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    This week's question is hosted by Jerry Worsham.

    Question: Is reloading really necessary?

    Answer: No, just check out Tony Clemons times! That said I think reloading is beneficial for the serious competitor. With the above mentioned exception, all the top shooters I know reload. It provides the opportunity to shoot more, tailor a load for your gun, and load to a recoil level that enhances your performance.

    When reloading there are three rules. 1st load for reliability, you can’t win if you can’t finish the match without malfunctions. 2nd load for accuracy, you have to have groups that are consistent and as small as possible. 3rd and last is load for as low a recoil level as possible without negatively effecting the first two rules. If you follow this formula you’ll have ammo that provides you with the best opportunity to perform well at a match.

    Rule 1; no matter what type of shooting you’re doing you need to load for reliable functioning. The most important thing is to have your pistol function every round. At GSSF a jam cost you seconds in a game where every second counts. Aside from the lost opportunity to do your best, you can also be injured. I’ve seen a lot of cut thumbs at GSSF matches when things didn’t go right clearing a malfunction!

    Rule 2; we all want an accurate load for our pistols. Hitting what we aim at is the goal of every shooter. When shooting competition we want to eliminate all the variables we can thereby limiting the errors in our match to us. If your gun/ammo combination is good then it’s all you. It’s tough to win when even if you “do it right” if your gun/ammo combination can let you down with those flyers!

    Rule 3; having reduced recoil, or with a comped gun controlled recoil, will definitely speed that next shot. By controlling the recoil it allows faster “back on target” times, making your second shot on a target or transition to the next target smoother. Smooth is fast.

    If you are a serious GSSF shooter a couple of things are beneficial, shooting 9MM, reloading, lots of practice. Folks can and do win at GSSF with factory ammo, other calibers, but never without practice. Reloading 9MM may not save you tons but with a good accurate load and practicing with that load you gain the benefits of familiarity with your combination. The same applies if you’re shooting 40, 45 or any other caliber.

    Since there’s no power factor in GSSF, most competitors work for a soft shooting, accurate load. If that’s what you’re working for and you’re using a progressive press you need to remember there can be some small errors in your powder charge. So living on the edge with a light load and marginal functioning then experiencing a light load can lead to those occasional unexplained malfunctions that just drive you crazy. If you live on the edge, expect to bleed a little from time to time.

    If you’re looking for some good load information you can check out this thread:

    Jerry Worsham's response is posted by Bobby Carver for Jerry Worsham.