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GSSF Tip #17-35

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by BCarver, Aug 4, 2003.

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    This week's question is hosted by Debbie Nosse.

    Question: "When at low ready waiting for the buzzer, does one focus on the intended target and bring the front sight up to the eye/target at the buzzer or does one focus on the front sight and transition this picture to the target at the buzzer?

    Response to Question:

    When waiting for the buzzer, I keep my gaze on the first target I'm going to engage. When the buzzer sounds, raise the gun smoothly but quickly, decelerating at the top so you don't "bounce" the sights. As the sights start to touch the bottom of the target, transition your vision to the front sight. Touch the front sight to the center of the target, put your finger on the trigger, line up the rear sight and pull the trigger.

    In your practice sessions, get into your stance and point the gun straight at the target. Then lower the gun using your shoulder joints only. This keeps your grip, the gun's angle, and position consistent. Look at what the gun's position is, so you can acquire that same start position in the match. If you keep a consistent hold on the gun through the entire vertical movement, you shouldn't have to do too much adjusting of the sights when bringing them onto the target.

    Moving the gun smoothly in a vertical line to the target can be more easily accomplished by lining up your natural point of aim with the first target you will engage. Your natural point of aim is the position where your muscles in a relaxed state allow your body, and thus your gun, to point directly at the target. The key word here is relaxed.

    The best way to check NPA is to assume your stance, close your eyes, take a deep breath, relaxing as you exhale and lower your gun in front of you. Raise your gun to the shooting position and open your eyes. If you are off to the left or right, you need to adjust your NPA by moving one foot slightly forward or backward. Repeat the check. After awhile you will be able to adjust your NPA without a lot of repetitions.

    While waiting at Low Ready for the buzzer, make sure you are pointed at the orange mark on the ground in front of you with your finger off the trigger. You are cheating yourself if you hold lower, and your competitors won’t appreciate it if you hold higher. : )

    One last thing. Move the gun at the first sound of the buzzer -- don't wait for the buzzer to finish. Most timers’ buzzers are .3 seconds in duration, and your reaction time is shorter than that. Practice at the range until you are smooth, and speed will follow.

    This question and response was posted by Bobby Carver for Debbie Nosse.