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    This week's topic is hosted by Tony Clemens.

    Topic: What order do you shoot the stages?

    Topic Response:
    The order that we shoot the stages can be influenced by several factors:

    1. The size of the crowd at a particular stage can result in a long wait and tend to make me look for a different stage.

    2. The range layout can also affect which stages to shoot at a particular time of day, due to lighting, shadows, etc.

    If all factors are equal, I prefer to shoot the Five-To-Glock stage first (slower & more accuracy-based), then the Glock’M (a little closer, a little faster & some steel involved) and finish with the Glock the Plates stage (hopefully the quickest stage of the three).

    This preferred order can and will change due to the above mentioned conditions. If you have a particular stage that you always do well on, definitely shoot it first. It will build confidence, settle your nerves & lay the groundwork to shoot a solid, consistent match. If your early stages go well, you’ll tend to shoot a strong overall match. If not, it can affect the other stages, even though you’ll try to forget about it & shoot each stage separately.

    Resist the urge to add your scores, even mentally, during the match. Verify the times & scoring of your targets, but try hard not to add up your scores before you’ve completed the match. There’s plenty of time to add the scores together after finishing up. If you add during a match & go into a stage thinking, “if I can only shoot a ____ second total on this stage, I’ll set a personal best!,” you’ve almost guaranteed that you will not shoot to your potential or to your average times/scores.

    Shoot the stages in the order that you find most comfortable & that you do the best in, do your best in each stage, wait until finishing up to figure your match total and you will shoot your best match possible.

    Topic response posted by Bobby Carver for Tony Clemens.