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GSSF Rules

  1. Perhaps this will head off some of the repetition in people asking "can I use this Glock (with these parts) at a match?"

    The official GSSF rules can be found at the link below:

    Or an updated version in the 2014 Vol II Glock Report:

    In summary, GSSF requires that your gun be "stock" in that it cannot have any parts installed that were not made by Glock or that have been modified. The exceptions to this are:

    • any notch and post sights (including express sights, night sights, fiber optic, etc, as long as they're notch and post)

    • grip wraps/tape/panels or other grip enhancing materials that do not materially alter the firearm

    • slide and/or barrel stripping or refinishing

    • Pearce grip extenders on subcompacts

    • aftermarket non-metallic magazine basepads

    Glock makes a flashlight that attaches to many of their pistols, but you can't use it or any other "barrel weight".

    The above requirements for "stock" do not apply to the Unlimited division, where pretty much anything goes as long as the frame was made by Glock, safeties have not been disabled, you're firing a caliber for which Glock produces a firearm, and a shoulder stock has not been added.

    The only "wiggle room" in the definition of stock is that GSSF doesn't, that I can see, define exactly what's meant by "modified". Common wisdom is that polishing (i.e. the trigger bar, connector, and any other metal fire control parts) is ok.

    Grinding/cutting/drilling/changing the geometry of any parts is not.

    Where is the line between polishing and grinding? A high speed rotary tool with a cotton polishing buff and the polishing compound of your choice will change the shape of a steel part if you work at it long enough.

    Perhaps in a future version of the rules, this will be more clearly defined.

    It should be noted, overdoing a polishing job or polishing the wrong places can cause a Glock to "double" or go full-auto. I didn't witness it, but heard that happened to at least one competitor at the 2015 Orlando match.
  2. I witnessed it and it was not a pretty site. It was on the 5 to Glock Stage. IF you don't know what you are doing "Leave it alone!!!"

  3. Mmmmm
  4. I guess I have to put my stock trigger back in to shoot at GSSF matches. I replaced the 5.5 lb. trigger with a 3.5 lb. from Brownell's.

  5. If it's an aftermarket one, yeah. If it's a Glock "-" connector, it's fine under GSSF stock rules.
  6. I'm going to hunt down a "Glock" 3.5lb or a 3lb trigger connector. My 3.5lb one is aftermarket.
  7. The factory "-" connector is correctly rated as a 4.5# connector. Glock never made a 3.5# connector. It reduces pull by 1#. Shooting at speed from the short trigger reset, the difference is barely noticeable. Shooting very slow Bullseye, the difference is meaningful.
  8. Does this apply even to a "non Glock" extended slide lock lever? It seems it would be difficult to tell if it was purchased from Glock and it doesn't give you any type of competitive advantage.
  9. I suspect you mean the slide stop (part that locks the slide open), and the answer is obviously, if it's non-Glock, it's a rules violation outside Unlimited...but as you say, it provides no competitive advantage, so personally, as an RO, I wouldn't make a fuss about it if I even noticed it, which I probably wouldn't unless it was wildly different from Glock's extended slide stop.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I was talking about the slide lock that you pull down on to release the slide for field stripping. I put extended ones in because I had such a hard time getting my fat fingers to pull it down. I was just wondering if I should pop the factory ones back in. Sound like it's not a big deal to leave them in. Thanks again. Looking forward to my first match.
  11. I really can't see anyone giving you a hard time about those (unless they're made of depleted uranium or are so extended that you hang weights off them). :)

    I know exactly what you mean too. For whatever reason, my G30SF and G30S are very difficult for me to field strip, and it usually takes me several tries to get both sides of the slide lock down on them.
  12. My wife found a tool to facilitate easy takedown of her G26...
    Its called a husband.
  13. So you're saying her husband is a tool? :whistling:


  14. There are all kinds of tools....heehee
  15. A thread entitled Stock Glock in this GSSF forum from 20 August 2013 discusses this. Mention is made of one after-market extended slide lock that improves the gun's performance. The various replies I received (when I started the thread) all claimed that it would not qualify as stock. :fred:
  16. If you can't shoot or disassemble a stock Glock, why are you even asking?
  17. How about this.... My wife had her G19 "dipped" in a muddy girl camo pattern. The pistol is now pink and purple muddy girl. No parts got changed, but the gun is certainly no longer black. How is that looked at, rules wise?
  18. If it's just the upper, that would fall under stripping/refinishing the barrel/slide. If it's the lower too, that gets a little more questionable. If it's effectively just a paint job on the polymer, I don't see how it would provide a competitive advantage (lead paint adding weight? :) ), and I wouldn't give her a problem...but I'm not every RO.
  19. I see this all the time and it has never been brought up in an RO meeting. No problem if I'm the RO. My wife wants her done in muddy girl too.
  20. Think there is any chance of the Vickers Tactical magazine release being allowed as an exception like the Pearce grip extensions since Lipseys is selling new Glocks with that part installed?
  21. I can't see them specifically allowing it just because a particular distributor or dealer is installing them...but I also don't see what competitive advantage any aftermarket magazine release provides in GSSF, so it seems to me, the sort of thing that would be "unofficially allowed".
  22. I've never shot a GSSF competition. I just want to confirm, everybody's Glock's are stock and it is a level playing field?
  23. Yes, with the exception of unlimited class.

    There are some trigger kits sold that are Glock OEM that have been polished and fitted that are GSSF legal that might improve your score a bit and post and notch sights of different styles are legal so someone may have aftermarket sights that are a little easier to see. I put aftermarket nightsights on my G26 because the OEM sights just didn't work for me.

    That is about it, ability and practice will carry the day, if you are shooting anything but unlimited you need not worry about shooting against someone with a $10,000 race gun.
  24. How about +2 Glock extensions on a G26 10 round mag? These are not Pearce. Can they be used in Am Civ?
  25. Yes, because they are factory Glock parts.

  26. Lipsey installed the part, not Glock. Aftermarket is aftermarket. If Lipsey offered the pistol with a Bar-Sto match barrel, do you think that would be considered stock? I think not.
  27. I did see a person try to enter stock class with an extended chrome barrel I mentioned that was unlimited and they quickly replaced it with a stock one.
  28. What about replacement springs? Does Glock make springs or will Wolf springs be ok?
  29. Yes, Glock makes and sells replacement springs: trigger springs, firing pin springs, firing pin safety springs, magazine springs that are stronger that Wolff +10%.
  30. Just to clarify, can shoot stock if I have XS Standard Dots?
    Can I still shoot stock if my extended slide release is manufactured by Glock?
    That's the only two mods I've done, well except for polishing trigger and smoothing out some spots on the frame.
  31. Modified the frame = unlimited only.

    But if it's not obvious, they wouldn't likely catch you. That's one thing I remember about my only outdoor event: nobody knows what class you're shooting when and nobody pays attention to your guns; small mods and internal mods won't be noticed unless somebody else asks GSSF armored to inspect your guns.

    But I'm not a cheater, so it's your call.
  32. Since the slide release is manufactured by Glock, it's okay. (section 40.20 of the rules "

    Regarding the sight, the same section states:
    Post and notch sights (“patridge” sights)
    excluding any sight requiring slide modifications.
    Please note that fiber-optic and “express”
    sights are approved

    It would seem that the XS sights would qualify - but I'd wait just a bit for someone else to support (or negate) that. I believe there's another thread or two on the forum that discusses stock and mentions sights besides this one.
  33. I did all this before even considering a shoot. I would welcome any authority there to inspect my gun so they can tell me which match I can shoot in. That's probably the best policy. I surely don't want to cheat.
  34. Would a G41 MOS qualify for the stock division? I am considering picking one up for xmas, but I am not finding a lot of info on it. Have yo guys seen one in the wild yet?

    -Big Al
  35. With an optic, it would only be allowed in Unlimited. Without, it could also be used in Competition.
    By a child (<18yo), it can also be used in AmCiv, Master Stock, and Heavy Metal.
  36. I haven't seen this talked about...but did anyone else notice in the latest Glock Report that polymer and aluminum magwells are now explicitly permitted in "stock" divisions? I'm not sure how I feel about this change. As an RO, how am I to differentiate an aluminum magwell from other (heavier) metals?
  37. I
    If it's not obviously brass I'm not going to worry about it.
  38. Trust me as an RO you can spot the difference between metal and plastic as it pertains to a magwell. Just look at my avatar you can tell that it's metal I RO'd this year's Orlando match and saw a great deal of stock (modified) guns. We just let them run because after you saw them shoot, it didn't matter.
  39. I have fat fingers, can I sand off the finger tips, so It is just like the gen 2 glocks. Will that be illegal for regular civilian ?
  40. Nope. Frame mods such as grinding off the hills of the finger grooves would only be allowed in Unlimited.
  41. OK, here's one I always wondered about. Can I swap my stock 34 barrel into my 17 and shoot civilian?
  42. Yes...but why would you? AFAIK, you can similarly swap your 19 barrel into your 26 and shoot subcompact...but again, why? The longer barrels really aren't going to make a difference in accuracy, and don't do anything for your sight radius. You'll probably get a little velocity boost...but since GSSF has no power factor floor, why? I guess they do add a tiny bit of weight.
  43. So you can't even undercut the trigger guard? I was getting Glock knuckle so bad I wouldn't shoot the gun. Doing the slight modification made the gun much more pleasurable to shoot.
  44. It's fine in Unlimited. Permanent frame mods are not allowed in the rest of the divisions.
  45. So I rounded the triggerguard a bit so my finger wouldn't kill me... And now I can't compete with it...

    How silly!!!
  46. They gotta draw the line somewhere...or you'll have people competing with 21s with grip reductions making them look like doublestack 1911s.
  47. I would like to know this as well. The rules are a little muddy on XS Dots. It technically is a notch and post... but, I don't know if they are considered "patridge".

    Personally, I think it will give you quick acquisition, but at the cost of precision that my defoor sights can give me.