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GSSF Newbie

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by seaswol, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. seaswol

    seaswol NRA Life Member

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    Sep 10, 2006
    Red Neck Riviera
    Have had glocks over the years, just joined GSSF and will shoot a match this November. Does someone have a list of things "must have" and also "should" have. My guns are a G23 and G37. My goal is to be safe, have fun, learn a lot and it goes without saying, meet a great group of people
    Thanks - Chris

    FESTUS Horse Whisperer

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    May 27, 2001
    Chris let me welcome you aboard and I hope to meet you soon. In looking at things for the GSSF match...I would suggest a Mentor to hang with for your first match,just about anyone that shoots GSSF regularly will be able to help you if they know what match you intend to go to. Equipment is not a race, but it would be nice to have (4) mags per pistol that you intend to shoot. 4 mags will be necessary for the plates while the 5 to Glock and M take 3 each. Suggestion for ammunition are about 150 round per category ( pistol) the max you will fire will be 44 at the plates and 60 for the 5 to glock and M...this is if you do not need a reshoot for an issue of malfunction...also some matches offer some practice to help you smooth out some of the jitters.

    Speaking of Jitters...I seem to never get over them and at 55 thats probably good...means I'm still young and care about this fantastic sport. What I do is shoot (4) categories with one pistol...I'm an Amateur and since I'm going to the match I might as well test myself as much as I can...I shoot the 1)Unlimited 2)Master Stock 3)Competition and 4)Amateur Civilian in that order and pre-registering for $100.00 gets me four opportuntities to lower and practice at getting better. Some people use their sub-compact for (5) categories and do the same, of course we have the purists who have a pistol for each category.,these are the people who have mastered several pistols/calibers and I am in awe of what they can will see progress through the course of this journey and meet many fantastic people....see ya soon. Dennis :thumbsup:

  3. Jeff82

    Jeff82 NRA Benefactor CLM

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    Feb 25, 2002
    Festus covered a big one: 4 mags per.

    Here's a few other items:
    -"Eyes and ears" (of course, replacement batteries if they're electronic)
    -sunshade (hat)
    -rain jacket
    -rubber boots (some ranges you'll be in ankle deep water if hit with a downpoor)
    -I like a foldup chair (my wife usually sits in it as I paste targets if I'm not shooting, it comes in handy if the ground is wet/muddy so I don't have to set my shooting bag in muck)
    -sandwiches and drink (in case host club runs out or doesn't have any)
    -money/credit card (some of the vendors have cool stuff)
    -current Glock Report
    -be sure to sign in early at each stage you're shooting
    -watch, listen, and learn. Its a great time!
  4. ede

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    Jun 25, 2004
    some things i just assume everyone has, but you should make a point of have something to drink and eat in the car if you need it. all the "normal range stuff" glasses, ear plugs or muffs, ammo for the match and then more ammo for a side match or a reshoot. i take enough mags so i don't have to load at the match, other people load between stages. 4 mags is highly recommend so you don't need to load on the line. a range bag is good to have to carry ammo, mags, and whatever in. i never really get nervous unless someone i know is watching and even then it's not big thing for me.
  5. outsider0506


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    Mar 19, 2006
    Los Angeles, CA
    In addition to the mags and equipment, remember to bring water, and food. The larger matches can take a while and there usually isn't the food or beverage of your choice available for sale at the matches.

    Hydration is important to perform your best. Going hypoglycemic at a match may be even worse. :sad: