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Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Don At PC, May 31, 2005.

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    Just a note of interest to all. The "Hot Topics" area of the GSSF Web Site is not being updated here lately, so if you want any info you have to search the area of interest. Just compare the "Match Results" on the "Hot Topics" area to the actual hot link to match results as an example. I checked just a few minutes ago and now see that the Shreveport Match has officially been Cancelled, would not have known that had I not actually checked the Match Schedule hot link. I am just trying to help keep the info flowing, possitive or negative.

    See'ya at a range somewhere soon. Happy shooting.;f ;f ;f
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    'E' for effort!! ^c Thanks!
    And likewise; c'mon up north if you like in July - honest, the snow's off the ground, I promise..! ;f

    Had called last week to verify about moving my Indy fee to Oakdale due to other obligations and to confirm Oakdale (the club itself has had the match listed for quite sometime). Checking the schedule directly as recommended I see that Oakdale is a go!

    ;+ ;+ ^5 ^5 ~2 ~2