Ground Rules.

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    Jan 22, 2002
    It was a wonderful day, bright sunshine, the bride looked a treat. The groom scrubbed up pretty well too. The happy couple left for their honeymoon and being from the rural sector, drove off in lovely carriage, drawn by a spectacular black stallion.

    They had only travelled a few miles when the stallion stumbled on some rough ground. The groom looked in disgust at the horse and said in a stern voice,

    "That's one!"

    The bride, unsure of what had happend, said nothing at this outburst.

    A short time later the poor horse had another stumble. Once again the groom was not too happy and said loudly,

    "That's two!"

    The bride was bemused at the grooms reaction but still said nothing.

    For a third time the stallion stumbled, almost falling.

    The groom, in a fit of rage, stood up, drew his trusty GLOCK and yelled,

    "That's three!" and shot the horse.

    The bride was horrified. She had never in her life seen such a terrible act. She look up at the groom and yelled,

    "You horrid man. How could you shoot such a beautiful animal? I'm ashamed of you."

    The groom looked down at her, in a calm voice and with a glint his eye said,

    "Thats one!"

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    Jun 14, 2002
    OMG! That's wrong, but oh so funny! ;f

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    I remember hearing it the other way around...:)