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Grocery Store Pet Peeve

  1. It seems to be happening alot lately. I get in line to check out and there is a person bagging groceries. This is not the cashier but an actual bagger. I am next in line to check out and when I look up the bagger is gone. Yes, most of the time our buggy is fairly full to full. This really irks me. I end up having to bag my groceries. These young folks are lazy.
  2. I prefer to pack my own. Keeps the jerks from packaging your cheese and meats with the soap and chemicals. Also keeps the cold stuff together. And in the extreme keeps the angry s4itz from squeezing your cheese. tom.
  3. Man up and go thru the self serve line and ring up and bag you own
  4. Extra baggers are commonly used to help lines get caught up. They are probably leaving to go back to what they were doing. Not a reason to call them lazy.
  5. THIS! vvvvvvv
  6. When we have a bagger, I always unload the cold stuff first so it gets bagged together for the most part.
  7. When I see them just a few feet away staring at their phones, they are lazy.

    My first job was bagging groceries at Piggly Wiggly back in 1971. If we had ever done something like walking away from a customer, it was over. Customer service is no longer something companies care about for the most part. Sad.
  8. You and your fancy pants store where they actually pay someone to bag your groceries!
  9. For me its people that stop with their cart in the middle of the aisle so I can't get by. :fist:
  10. What did he do? Did he maybe take the groceries to the elderly persons car? Might it have been the persons kid?
    I was bagging my moms stuff, went to grab a free sample from bakery (yes I took one earlier but I figured I had time to grab another). Next lady was TICKED I didn’t bag her stuff.

    I don’t like going to store on base. Kids want to take the cart to your car for tips. I would rather do it myself. But they are taking some action, are friendly, helpful. So I tip them a buck, or two.
  11. the 2 grocery stores i go to (both the same chain, just different locations) have maybe 1 bagger available. they go to the various registers to help out. happens to me many times as well, but the cashier also does bagging. that bagger you speak of, may have to be in a rotation to help other cashiers, or other duties till called to help.
  12. See my post #7. He was a few feet away staring at his phone.
  13. You need a Wegmans. No such thing as waiting in line even if a manager has to open a lane.

    The opposite would be a Publix. They read the ingredients as they check you out. If you go to the Publix deli counter you could add 30 minutes to your day (off season & off times). They really have it figured out. If there are 12 people waiting they have three people working so you wait 30 minutes. If there are three people in line they have one person working so you wait 30 minutes. If there is one person in line they all go on break so you wait 30 minutes :)
  14. The lady that hit the back of my left leg with her cart a month after Achilles surgery. I went down like a bag of wet cement. My kid said I was quite vocal.
  15. I can understand Georgiaglocker. When I would have a full cart, I would intentionally wait in a longer line if there was a bagger... and far too many times by the time I got to the register the bagger went somewhere else.

    Now I am hooked on using my own bags - made of heavy material with handles that don't break as I am walking up the steps to my front door. I also finally learned how to use the "Pricing gun self checkout" system... it is wonderful. I scan products as I put them in my bags, then at the register just scan the pricing gun and pay by credit card. Usually all of 2 or 3 minutes to check out!

    And.......... all my stuff is already bagged.
  16. I haven’t seen a “ bagger “ in idk decades ? Cashier runs items over the scanner and right into a bag , full bags placed at end . I just group like items together.
  17. The Kroger near us hires special needs adults to bag groceries, which I appreciate. They don't "spike" my taco shells and bananas in the bag like the usual baggers.
  18. #1 Cashiers and baggers who touch my produce. They are trained to not touch the produce but they still do. Even when I double bag stuff they reach in the bag to find the little labels or stickers to get the numbers so they can ring it up.

    #2 Customers who think I work there. Most are nice but some are a-holes to me. My daily wear clothes look close to what managers at my favorite store wear so I get the confusion but there is no need to be a jerk because I can’t help with a problem.
  19. I can't tell you how many times I have bumped someones cart hard enough to get there attention then look at them with an incredulous look on my face saying "oh I'm sorry" . I didn't see your cart in the middle of the isle.....
  20. Baggers only show up to help the hot, sexy women ahead of me in line, they immediately leave when my ugly mug gets to the front, butt I'm in no rush while I enjoy the view in the meantime.

    It's one less person to touch my food, and that's okay during this time of Covid.
  21. I got no problem bagging my stuff. I unload the cart in a way where frozen stuff, meats and such stay together, likewise with canned goods, bread and produce.

    Gives me a chance to chat with the lady running the register. The place I go is still old fashioned and most of the staff are nice and after 30 plus years they know me.
  22. It was fun when a young gal came in and you said want these Nuts in a sack mame. as you grabbed a bag of cashews or almonds.

    And they walked away giggling. It took them a minute to catch on.. 2150123731_d6824ac460.jpg
  23. I also place perishable/frozen items first and like items together after that on the conveyer belt; the cashier has an easier time of loading these items in their approriate bags (blue for perishables at my local Food Lion, white for everything else) and not mix up my cold cuts with laundry pods. As mentioned the cashiers do the bagging and they tend to have a nicer attitude when they get help from the customers :)
  24. The Kroger I go to seems to have about one sacker for every three checkers. If I don’t get a sacker and the checker is nice, I sack my own groceries, if not I let the checker bag everything and put it in the cart. Everyone there is usually pretty nice and helpful. I am giving them a lot of slack during this chicom virus thing. I would not want to be working in a grocery store right now.
  25. I was once a bagger. If I remember we had one bagger every two registers or so. We would bounce back and forth.
  26. I can’t wait until I have absolutely nothing else going on in my life that something as trivial as having to be bothered to bag my own groceries ruins my day and causes me to come to the interweb and vent my frustrations of how my rights were infringed.

    But for now, I had a very busy day at work, took time to make some parts for a chick at work to help keep her new puppy from digging out of the fence, came home and cooked, cleaned, and relaxed with a beer.

    Life is great and not much really bothers me. :cheers:
  27. Now days it's not just the young kids, I often see middle aged cashier managers standing around talking to the young kid employee about the awful neighbor or whatever it is they stand around and talk about while ignoring customers.

    Often when I walk up to Walmart customer service I feel like I'm breaking up their little party and it gets a little uncomfortable for a moment as they briefly just glare at me. They have 5 workers behind the customer service registers and one customer needing help while at the same time they have only two checkout lanes/registers open and lines to the back of the store.

    Oh well bigger issues now days but I really don't like when two or three employees are standing around BS'ing while the grandma working the register is also trying to pack all my groceries and of course I stop her and do it myself, bless her.
  28. You would really enjoy shopping in Germany. Not only do they not have baggers....they don't even have bags. You are expected to bring your own containers for whatever you purchase.
  29. Here too, except they’re usually teenagers. The kids bust their butts. It’s good to see.
  30. Remember when Wal-Marts were well-run? It’s been awhile.
  31. Around here, it's usually one bagger per two lanes.
  32. lol listen guy you’re living a life of luxury. Plastic grocery bags are actually illegal in NYS and most stores don’t provide paper either. I’ve had to bring my own bags and bag my own for quite a while now.

    also, wtf is a “buggy”?
  33. It could’ve been worse. I’ve worked with Brits, they call anything with 4 wheels that’s not a vehicle a trolley.


  34. We usually go thru the self checkouts. If we do go thru the "regular" checkout line I prefer to bag our stuff. Like posted earlier I can't stand it when the baggers mix up non-like items. Nothing like detergents in with vegetables or can goods laying on bread.
  35. Have you tried...Excuse me....works every time.
  36. First time I heard "paper or plastic" at the checkout, I was visiting Cali and thought they wanted to know cash or credit.
  37. No bagger at my lane, I just bag my own.....no big deal.
  38. I reserve the term “lazy” for the kids who don’t work at all. Baggers in grocery stores are taking the first step in their work life. Learn to show up on time, do what you are told.

    Once you master that, move on to jobs where you start to make larger decisions and your employer begins to depend on you.

    I suspect baggers just go where they are told.
  39. I reserve the term “lazy” for the kids who don’t work at all. Baggers in grocery stores are taking the first step in their work life. Learn to show up on time, do what you are told.

    Once you master that, move on to jobs where you start to make larger decisions and your employer begins to depend on you.

    I suspect baggers just go where they are told.
  40. I guy I know from WV called them buggies. He also called a stocking cap a toboggan.
  41. When they comment on what you buy
  42. I never heard the term stocking cap until my early thirties.
  43. [​IMG]
  44. ..... another back in my day story ....

    I was a part time sacker in high school. We had more sackers than checkers. We used paper sacks, lined the bottom with canned goods then lighter items on top. Never mixed groceries with anything else. We would double bag a heavy meat order or sweaty glass milk cartons, etc. After sacking the groceries we put them in the cart and took them to the customer’s car and loaded them. Then pushed empty cart back inside the store.

    ... times have changed.
  45. I have been to Germany. I remember that now.
  46. It's basically a basket on wheels that you get when you enter the store to carry your groceries. After you pay for your groceries you use it to take them to your car. When done with your buggy you leave it there for the store to collect or for someone else to use.
  47. Aldi comes to mind. If you want to use a cart there is a 25 cent deposit that is returned when you take the cart back to the store.
  48. there is only one chain I know of around here that actually has baggers anymore. I miss those days when someone bagged my groceries for me. It was so much more efficient
  49. A lot of folks in our area are ordering online, and picking up their groceries. I was really shocked to see this. Quite an expansion at our popular grocery stores.
  50. Yup, it was same deal in Spain at most grocery stores, and you had to pay 5 cents apiece for little itty-bitty super-thin plastic bags. In Barcelona I took my bike to the store and loaded things into my pack-basket....could hold a case of Mahou and a lot more.