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Grey Group Training First Responder Course – Oct 1-2, 2011 – NC

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    Grey Group Training 2-Day Operator First Responder Course – Oct 1-2, 2011 – Carthage, NC


    Grey Group Training:


    North American Rescue


    Grant Derrick is currently an active Special Forces Medic who was recently awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in combat against enemy forces. He is still currently pending several valor awards, including a second Silver Star and a Bronze Star for Valor. He was a trainer and combat advisor to the Afghan Commando National Strike Force and responsible for establishing the first Commando Sniper Course. Mr. Derrick has in depth experience with mass casualty situations in high risk environments. On several occasions, while wounded, he remained on the battlefield and continued to treat numerous casualties and engage insurgent forces. He was a Distinguished Honor Graduate of the Special Operations Combat Medic course, and his persistent attention to detail and skill as the senior medic on his detachment was credited for saving the lives of numerous partner forces during combat operations. Currently Mr. Derrick is employed at North American Rescue®, LLC as a Director for Army Programs Southeast. He is actively raising awareness of new developments and products strategically designed to increase survivability on the battlefield while providing the hands-on approach to use them.


    Mike Duncan is a currently active decorated U.S. Special Forces Medical Sergeant with 8 years of combat medic experience and multiple deployments. While deployed he developed two Afghanistan Military Special Operations Schools for the Commandos (WLC, CLPC) and played a foundational role in standing up and operating two Commando Battalions. Experienced in conducting numerous CASEVAC’s on the battlefield during his time overseas, he treated himself and his counterparts with North American Rescue’s products, even after sustaining personal injury. He holds current qualifications for BLS, ACLS, PHTLS, PEPP, EMT-P Georgia, and is a Licensed Practical Nurse. Currently employed at North American Rescue®, LLC as a Product Manager, Mr. Duncan is actively developing new products strategically designed to effectively mitigate preventable combat death.

    Grey Group Training 2-Day Operator First Responder Course – Oct 1-2, 2011 – Carthage, NC

    Course Objectives:

    To provide students with the tools and training necessary to successfully assess for and treat the leading causes of potentially preventable Combat Death. The Course will consist of a light didactic instruction followed by practical exercises structured from the Care Under Fire and Tactical Field Care phases of treatment in accordance with TCCC standards. This course will cover critical skills to mitigate preventable combat death on the battlefield utilizing standard medical items in an operator’s kit. In a tactical field environment you will be taught the vital treatments for self and buddy aid until definitive medical treatment arrives.

    ** No prior medical knowledge is required to attend this course. **

    Core Competencies: Hemorrhage Control, Basic Airway Management, Recognition and Management of Tension Pneumothorax, Recognition and Management of Hypothermia, Casualty Evacuation.

    Cost: $350

    Location: Carthage, NC


    Trigger Time
    185 Atkins Lane
    Carthage, NC 28327

    Class size: Maximum sixteen students

    Gear Course Requirements:
    - Come dressed in durable clothing that can get dirty or be thrown away
    - Body Armor/Duty Gear for active Mil/LE is optional
    - Eye and ear protection
    - Good attitude
    - Pen/Note Book
    - Optional - Serviceable carbine & associated carbine equipment (magazine/sling/etc) - Zero ammo required

    *A North American Rescue Martime Assault Medical Kit and SIRK will be given to each student at beginning of course. One will be used during the course, the other will be for students to take home. *

    Martime Assault Medical Kit!PARENTID!


    To sign-up please use this link to the Grey Group Training website;

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact;
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