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Greetings from Miami, FL

  1. Figured it was time to overcome my fear of firearms. After much reading and research I came to the conclusion GLOCK was the way to go. Just received a 19C G3 order through Gallery of Guns and I'm anxious to go to the range upon my return home from a brief business trip abroad. Reading the different forums in Glock Talk helped a lot to encourage me to take up the sport with higher caliber firearms after enjoying my Crossman 3177 air gun in my back yard trashing soda cans. That' fun too, but nothing like the real thing. Having read a lot in the past months on the subject of firearms there is no doubt there's a great deal of responsibility involved in owning and using guns. I hope to enjoy it as much as I enjoy fishing and photography here in south Florida.
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  3. Welcome to the club. What was your fear based on?

    Most of gun safety can be accomplished by the following:

    1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
    2. Don't point a gun at anything you don't want to destroy (generally means you can't point at anyone, ever, except under the gravest extreme of self defense).
    3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are actually on target and ready to fire.
    4. Know your target and beyond.

    I say these rules because I take them seriously, and expect every gun owner to as well.

    Furthermore, if a gun is not on your body, keep it locked up. And if a gun is on your body, keep it in a quality holster.

    As you can tell, these are in my own words. Things I have internalized.

    Let me give you another. If you ever want to pull the trigger without actually firing the gun, check 3 times that it is empty. Then still don't point at anyone. I'm not joking about the 3 times. And I mean 3 separate complete checks in a row: 1. magazine is out, slide is back, and chamber is empty, close slide. 2. magazine is out, slide is back, and chamber is empty, close slide. 3. magazine is out, slide is back, and chamber is empty, then close slide. I strongly suggest that as a good mental break, as well as a thorough way of absolutely making sure the gun is empty. Guys who dryfire a lot, and who too quickly do the check only once, are much more prone to accidental discharges than anyone else. That is my estimate based on internet testimonials. Their habit of pulling the trigger ends up short cutting the safety check.

    If you set that gun down and then pick it up again, go through the tripple check again before dryfiring it. Gremlins may have reloaded it while it was out of your hands.

    Please accept this post in the spirit I intend it. Not trying to talk down to you or lecture you, but rather trying to welcome you to responsible gun ownership. Become a disciple and spread the word and set a good example. In the meantime, enjoy the sport, the fun, the collecting, and the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones :)
  4. :welcome: aboard!
  5. Welcome and plus 1 to what he said.

    I was a little nervous at first too, but there was no reason to be. Just take your time and follow the 4 rules as if your life depends upon them. You'll be fine.
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  10. :welcome: From Michigan!
  11. Welcome from St. Louis, MO!
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  13. Welcome from Miami, i also do photography
  14. Welcome aboard!
  15. Welcome from Ocala, FL ! Ithica_Deerslayer ^^^ couldn't of said it better... Happy Glocking
  16. Welcome to GT!
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  18. I do appreciate your comments. I have tried to burn the safety rules in my head and keep repeating them to myself over and over again. My dad had a gun and he always inspired fear on all of us just to make sure none of us dared get near it. Once I stole one of his bullets cause that's what kids do... and I got a heck of a wippin'. Never again. I must of been 8 or 9. Now I'm 61 and I can remember that day as it was yesterday.
  19. Guys... back from my trip and off to the gun range with my son who also shares the love for fishing and... maybe now, for guns. We broke in the two brand new guns I got... started with the Beretta Neos U22 (pretty cool I must say!!!), and then... the 19C. What a mule! That sucker really kicks and immediately my son was hooked. Had a blast for a couple of hours. Must do it again... after we go fishing for peacock bass this weekend. Great weather in Miami and they are about to bed.
  20. My dad took a different aproach. I remember him putting a shotgun on the table and asking me if it was loaded. Um, I didn't know, probably not, I said. He told me always assume a gun is loaded. Then he showed me how to check it, and it was unloaded. Then he set it down and asked me to turn my head for a moment.

    Then he asked again, is it loaded? Um, didn't we just check it was unloaded? He said, yeah but how do I know he didn't just put a shell in it when I wasn't looking. Assume all guns are always loaded, he said, and even if you just checked them but had set them down assume they are loaded again.

    That was the foundation of my gun education. Guns were in the house and I never played with them. My dad would show me any guns I wanted to see :)
  21. Congrats and welcome, here in Miami we have several ranges to enjoy that G19.
  22. Welcome.
    Slayer got Inc covered.
    Be safe, have fun, be safe.
    Congratulations on the 19. I shoot mine better than almost any other firearm except maybe the G21.
    Be safe.
  23. Have made several mods to my Glock 19C G3 since I got it. Started with cosmetic stuff like chrome trims, beavertail, and later moved on to Ghost Trigger & springs and Truglo sights. Trigger pull is now very light for target practice. Bought a number of magazines because I hate loading at the range. I have purchased several other guns since, but this one is definitely my favorite.

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