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Do you think these recent criminal acts will affect our Gun Rights?

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  • Yes, but not to any extreme

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  • No, the heat of the moment will pass

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Greetings from Ice Covered North-Central Iowa

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Good afternoon everyone,
Although I am new to the Forum, I am not new to Glocks. I bought my first Glock, a Gen 2 G17 back in 1997 and was not impressed with it at the time. Since then, I had given the Glock 19 and 23 a fair shake and fell in love with them. The more I have owned, the more I like them.
I currently reside in northern Iowa and have (5) Glocks. Some I have adorned with green lasers, night sights and specialty parts. Others I retain as Glock OEM for concealed carry (I never was a fan for changing out parts on a CCW). I am by no means an expert on anything and I always like to see how others view similar products and listen/learn from the experiences of others as well as sharing some insight I have gained through mine as well.
I am happy to be here and look forward to many years of shop talk here on the Boards with all you fine folks. Thank you.
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1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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