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Greetings From Chicago

  1. After months of lurking and looking for info I decided to finally join GT. Lifelong Chicagoan (not for much longer lol) and huge fan of glocks. First glock and first handgun was a 17.5 that I picked up at 8am on my 21st birthday. Been infected with the bug and since then I have grabbed quite a few more including another 17.5, a 19.5 MOS, a 26.5, 34.5 MOS, and a 19x.

    Looking forward to learning and sharing info with ya'll.
  2. Welcome to GT
  3. :welcome:
  4. Welcome!
  5. Welcome to GT from Indiana! Now move from Illinois to a free state. Indiana is just across the state line! LOL! :cheers:
  6. Welcome!

    Cubs or Sox?

    Former North Shore guy asking.
  7. Yoo... Welcome!
  8. Welcome to our glocktalk
  9. :welcome:
  10. Howdy
  11. Welcome!

    Nice collection you have going.

    Our condolences on your local political leadership.

    I bought my first pistol on my 21st birthday, too (S&W 5906 for me).

    Enjoy the site!
  12. Welcome to GT from southern Illinois and from a Chicago refugee.
  13. Glad to have you in the club -- enjoy.
  14. So

    White Sox if you want to go actually see a baseball game. Cubs if you're just looking to go get trashed.
  15. Glad you joined the club oogy!
  16. I've considered Hammond a few times. Gotta stay close to work though.

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  17. Hello and Welcome.
  18. I've been out of the Windy since '86, rooted for the Sox in '05, and was ridiculed by my northside friends. In a Cubs-Sox showdown...CUBS.

    2016 was a fairy tale, a dream come true.

    Of course, we can only dream about a subway series!
  19. Welcome!

  20. Welcome to GT
  21. Enjoy GT:welcome: