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In the area and thought I'd say "GREETING CITIZENS" from NW lower Michigan! !
Recently acquired a G19 Gen4 in a trade to dump a non performer (kimber SOLO),
that thing had issues, wow !
Also hanging out on a list for a G43 . . .who knows when?
Anyway got the 19, went to the range, and it was okay. But couldn't resist swapping out a piece or two.
Truglo bright sites w/ tritium (very bright day or night)
larger slide release
3.5 trigger connector
Stainless 2 stage spring
Wilson Combat barrel
Second trip to range was VERY, very okay.

But am experiencing a bit of studder (plastic against plastic) when pulling the trigger slowly.
Will it go away, or do I need to disassemble, rough up the trigger pivot, lube and reassemble?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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