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Greenie Warning

Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by WIMPY, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. WIMPY


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    Jul 2, 2005
    I recieved this from one of my fellow SAR team members today. I hope it is not old news.

    Subject: Greenie Warning

    Sent: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 3:04:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

    6/9/05: My little dog, Nickey, a 6 month old Maltese,
    has survived two surgeries this week and is now stable
    and recovering at the Vet hospital. After exploration,
    they found part of a "greenie" bone stuck in his
    The vets I spoke to this week are furious about this
    product. The product DOES NOT DISSOLVE if swallowed in
    chunks that cannot pass through their system. They
    have done numerous surgeries to remove them,
    Especially from the intestines. This is the first that
    the Dallas surgeons have seen in the esophagus.
    I wanted to share this with you and ask you to pass
    along this warning to any pet owner that you know and
    to keep it passing on. BAN THE GREENIES!! I know my
    little one will never see another greenie again.
    After almost $5000 in vet bills since last Friday,R>this has been a very
    expensive lesson to learn. The
    worst part of course is that my little Nickey (only 6
    months old) has suffered tremendously and will most
    likely develop other esophagus problems because of

    He is not 'out-of-the-woods' yet so I ask that you say
    a prayer for him. This has been an extremely emotional
    week for him and for his Mommy.

    I'm hoping to get this word out -- not to damage any
    one in particular -- but to prevent other pets and
    families from having to go thru this trauma. Deronda

    Greenie Bone Warning -- Update on Nickey

    6/10/05: Update on Nickey... he passed away about 1:30
    this morning. Many of you have asked more information
    and have said you would contact your vet -- please do
    -- Please do not let Nickey's death be for nothing.

    Word needs to get out that this 'greenie' product is
    not safe!! It may be good for the teeth & gums but it
    can be fatal as we all know now. Someone stated something about the
    warnings -- I did not see that --
    I bought individual ones from a jar at the pet store.
    I also let him have them under supervision but when
    they are very slippery and it slips down their throat,
    I don't know what else I could have done. I like the
    thought of holding onto them but how could I have

    As you might imagine, I am going through a tremendous
    amount of guilt about ever giving these to my dog. He
    has only had 2 whole ones. I wish I could take back
    one week!!

    If your vet would like more information, my vet is a
    specialist at the Animal Diagnostic Clinic Hospital
    (Brad Hines, DMV Diplomat) here in Dallas. The address
    is 4444 Trinity Mills Ste 202, Dallas, TX 75287. The
    phone number is 972-267-8300.

    He has removed several 'greenie' parts from dogs but
    from the intestines; this is the first he has seen in
    the esophagus -- which could become common for very
    small dogs. This is also the first death he has
    encunered as a result. I think large dogs are at
    risk also because they make very large sizes for them.
    They get very slippery while they are chewing on them
    and any movement can make them lose control and
    swallow it. According to the vets, they DO NOT
    dissolve in the body.

    I will be contacting the Greenie company to tell them
    of what happened. My surgeon and vets are writing
    papers to submit to the Vet associations.

    Heather Oleson
    Web Site:
    Phone: 501-261-7894
  2. Jerseycitysteve


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    Nov 11, 2004
    The following is an email from greenie maker

    Thank you so much for taking the time to contact us about your concerns with our product. We have been notified of those pictures before, and are sad to see them. To my knowledge we have never been contacted by the owner of that dog. As you can understand, it’s difficult to comment on this incident without knowing the specifics of the case.

    Millions of Greenies® are sold each month. On rare occurrences, we are troubled by an incident where a pet owner has said that his/her dog has had a problem with Greenies®. When we do hear of these reports, we always conduct a thorough investigation. Typically, the results of our investigations have revealed that the pet has been given the wrong size Greenies® by its owner or the pet has swallowed an abnormally large piece of Greenies® without chewing it. As such, we strongly recommend purchasing the correct size Greenies® according to the size and weight of your pet. Additionally, we recommend all pet owners supervise their pet's eating and chewing habits. And not just with Greenies®, but when given dog bones, treats, rawhides, and even while eating meals.

    We hope this has given you some peace of mind. We want you to be confident in our product. If you have any further questions they can be directed to our technical services veterinarian Dr. Bradley Quest via

    Thank you for you concern. Have a wonderful day.



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    Oct 17, 2004