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Greater Philadelphia; SE PA Get Together

Discussion in 'General Competition' started by thefirstndsecond, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Outdoor BBQ & Shoot

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  2. Beef & Beer

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  1. For

    Greater Philadelphia area shoot'n BBQ

    Protect the 2nd would like to see what you guys and gals want to do for a get together.

    We are thinking about a BBQ & Shoot


    beef & beer

    The BBQ & shoot would be at an outdoor range and people would have to purchase tickets to cover the range and the provided food.

    The beef & beer would be indoor and people would have to purchase tickets to cover expenses.

    The event would be so people can have fun, get to meet everyone in the Greater Philadelphia area, and get organized in Philadelphia to Protect your 2A rights.

    Please take part in the pole if you would like to attend so we can best suit your needs.

    Tickets would have to be purchased before the event.

    We do not yet know the costs and will get this together once the poll is completed.

    By voting in the poll it also helps us get a round about head count to who is interested.

    We are open to suggestions.

    Send suggestions to:
    YourRights@ProtectThe2nd.US ; or

    This is about you and the people from protect the second getting together having fun, getting to know us, and getting to know each other.

    We are trying to get organized to be an active, political, social, shooting community in the Greater Philadelphia area.

    This is a lot of work, so again, have some understanding when sending emails.

    Please make sure you vote, it is a way to see who is actually interested and get a round about head count.

    There is always something said about Philadelphia and participation.

    Lets get organized and have fun.

    If you belong to a club around Philadelphia, just live and shoot around Philadelphia you are welcome.

    Most of us have seen and heard the issues surrounding Philadelphia's political agenda regarding guns. Lets work on this. People have talked about it now lets do it.

    Be positive, be productive, have fun.

    Send the emails to the ones listed in the OP if you have ANY questions.

    It is about us.

    If you want to help organize, send an email, and sign up to be a member.

    Communication, organization
  2. Let's have fun in the Philadelphia area.

    Let's get organized in the Philadelphia area.