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    Guy had his Bush sign stolen from his yard the Friday night, right after he put it up in the yard of his Washington State home.

    He got another sign on Saturday and decided to sit out on his side porch and read a book, and watch.

    Along about midnight he sees a car slowly cruising down his street. Sure enough the Son of a Bit#h stops in front of his house and gets out, leaving the motor running.

    The guy unchains his large dog to deal with the intruder, and sneaks down to the guy’s car. He locks the guys car (keys inside) and goes back to call off the dog, calling the police on his cell.

    Cops show up and start to question the sign napper, who says he lives a few miles away. The guy notices the car has Oregon plates. Oregon has no state sales tax. Some people register their car at a friends Oregon address to beat the tax.

    Cop is questioning the suspect, who says he has no drivers license. Homeowner casually mentions that the guy smells like he has been drinking.

    Cop gives him a Breathalyzer and runs him in for….

    Driving without a license
    Tax evasion
    Attempted theft.

    Gotta love a story with a happy ending!

    All because of his hatred for our beloved president.