Great Report from the Cadiac Dr. !!!

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    Sooo... This just happened... And I think it is pretty cool!

    Every year we lose 500,000 to 600,000 people to Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Attacks. I've had 2 heart attacks - First was on my 50th Birthday and Fathers Day... the second was one week later, and I was given a 'cardiac intervention' and stented at that time.

    That was in 2008. After the heart attacks a good friend gave me the book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B Esselstyn M.D., the renowned Cleveland Clinic surgeon.
    At the end of the "First Year Post Heart Attack Protocol" my Cardiac Dr took me off all meds but kept me on statins even though I was posting GREAT lipid panels. (105 was first lipid panel while on the diet, 99 was the second lipid panel, I run about 125 to 130 without statins.)

    I just left his office after not seeing him for 12 years. He was pretty surprised that I was not on statins (My new Primary Physician wanted me to see him as my Primary Phys. is also on statins, and can't believe I am surviving without them!).
    Bottom line - Cardio DR says... "I'm not going to change anything as you clearly have been doing well, wanna come back in a couple years?"...

    I said let's check in next year to get another data point, I'll get you my fresh lipid panel, and we will review in one year.

    After that, we started talking about Shooting Sports and how we can possibly get his 19 and 21 year old sons into the local shooting sports... [​IMG]

    *SWEET* - I was afraid he was gonna put me back on statins (Simvastatin gave me ugly cramps in my calves) but by GOD's grace, I'm not going to add any medications to my life!
    The Moral Of The Story - DIET can change the course of your GENETICS if you take it seriously!!! THANK YOU Dr. Esselstyn!!! You ROCK!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    This particular alternative medicine methodology DOES WORK... and I'm very pleased that it works so well!

    Now that i'm about to turn 62, and getting healthier, time to go ride the bike some more!

    Hope your day is Awesome, you State is letting you out of the house, and that God Smiles on you and yours! :cheers:
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    That's great!

    I've been on statins and niacin for years and thankful I have no problems with it.
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    I'm happy for you.

    Not everybody can lower their cholesterol with just diet. No matter what they do, their body just produces cholesterol. It's a genetic trait. Daddy is like that. But thankfully Crestor has kept it under control.

    The LDL number is the important one. My ex-husband wants his patients' LDL to be 70.
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    I know how you feel. My dad has 2 brothers, and his elder brother died at age 46 of a heart attack. His elder brother had his first heart attack in his 30's and it was discovered after he died that he had severe arteriosclerosis.

    My dad's younger brother died from heart disease as well, with severe blockages in his arteries.

    Because of this, my dad had a CT Cardiac Calcium scoring done around 15y ago, and his score was zero (no plaque). A few months ago, I had one done with my dad (thinking I will be off the scale due to my protein heavy diet). Well, the results came back, and I also had a zero score (no plaque).
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    My cholesterol is always over 200. I can't take statins anymore because my liver objects.
    Dr just put me on Vascepa and says he takes it and has done wonders for him.
    I had triple bypass 18 months ago.
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    Great news, you are doing something rigjt and it sounds like you have disciplined yourself and said you are not going to be on medications.
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