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Great Planes RealFlight G2 Lite

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by CheesyD, Jul 27, 2003.

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    Great Planes RealFlight G2 Lite w/USB Interlink controller.

    Asking $90 plus shipping.
    --- SOLD ---

    This is a great simulator for entry level R/C pilots that want to get in the air fast. G2 Lite includes airplanes AND helicopters, and such dazzling graphics as transparent canopies, prop motion blur, and realistically deflecting control surfaces. Select from 3 skill-levels for each aircraft - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Pilot them with the All-In-One USB InterLink Controller.

    Virtual Flight Instructors
    The VFI will let you view pre-recorded maneuvers, while the instructor talks you through it.

    Next Generation Graphics
    Aircraft are created using high resolution graphics from actual photos of the real models - complete with moving control surfaces, spinning props, and transparent canopies. The airplanes also have an exhaust and smoke feature, which is totally customizable, right down to the color of the smoke! And the terrain, trees, buildings and other objects all use high-resolution graphics as well.

    Exclusive technology recreates the aircraft performance on-screen with amazing accuracy, in real-time.

    Basic NavGuide™
    NavGuides offer instant awareness of conditions, with constant displays of critical flight data, such as airspeed, altitude, aircraft heading and more.

    RealFlight's Revolutionary USB InterLink™ Controller!
    A first of its kind, RealFlight's InterLink™ Controller is both a controller and an interface- all in one unique package. It's so advanced there's even a patent pending.

    Features drawn from actual R/C transmitters not only give the InterLink a more real-to-R/C appearance, but the functions they offer. Prefer the "feel" of your own transmitter? The InterLink is still your hook-up. With its built-in interface and the included cord, you can be connected to your ‘real' transmitter in seconds and ready to enjoy the next benefit: improved control. Compatible with virtually any 4-10 channel Futaba®, Hitec®, Tower Hobbies®, and all JR® FM or FM-selectable transmitters. Additional cords available separately for additional radio manufacturers.

    Unlike game-port controllers, the InterLink plugs into your computer's USB port providing precision control and digital smoothness.

    - Three-Position Switch — Use for flight mode for the helis.
    - Rotary Knob — Use it to set the flaps on airplanes, or adjust the pitch of the blades on a heli.
    - Adjustable Sticks — Set the height of the sticks to be comfortable for you.
    - LEDs — Easily distinguish between Joystick mode, or Interface mode.

    Add-ons volume 1, 2 and 3 work with G2 Lite!*

    Minimum System Requirements
    Windows® XP*, 2000*, ME, 98 (Local administrator access required)
    Intel® Pentium® 300 or equivalent
    Dire X™ 8.1 (or above) compatible video and sound card
    3D accelerated video card with 8 MB (or more) RAM (VooDoo 1 and VooDoo 2 video cards are not supported)
    64 MB RAM
    500 MB hard drive space
    4X CD-ROM drive
    USB Port