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Great People

  1. The guys and gals of court security had a retirement party for me tonight at a local favorite establishment. It was originally set for a month ago when I stopped working but was delayed due to schedules. Just a fun, low-key get-together with a bunch of great friends, some of whom I've known since the freshman year of high school.

    One of the most touching things was that, although he couldn't be there, one of our local criminal defense attorneys made a contribution for drinks and sent his congratulations. We've known each other since my first rotation through courts in 1991. This is a guy who is an absolute top-flight defense lawyer, often handles federal cases, wins, and is at the same time one of the most decent, down-to-earth, honest people you'll ever meet. It was humbling and truly means something special that he'd do that.

    A couple judges were there, too - the judge for whom I was bailiff for the last year and another judge/former DA who he and I go back to the beginnings of our careers together. Folks, long ago I learned that most judges are just regular people like the rest of us.

    It was a very happy, special evening. Can't wait to see everyone again...I will be sure to stay in touch with these special friends.
  2. Glad to hear you had a fun send-off.

    Wishing you many years of pension check collection. :cheers:

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  3. It's always amazing how many people show up at these parties
  4. :agree:... But I gotta tell you, the first one is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :supergrin:
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  6. Great sendoff, hope you enjoy a well deserved retirement...


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  7. Very nice.
  8. Good for you! Congrats.

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  9. I hope you didn't cry while giving your farewell speech like I did. Remember, if you did cry, there is no going back!

    Good luck and congrats!
  10. It makes me happy to hear that. You must have made an impression on these people, which speaks volumes for who you are. I wish you an awesome retirement.
  11. That is awesome amigo!

    For a long time our agency has been really crappy about sending off our retired. Been trying to change that, so now when we have a retirement or transfer, my team throws a bash. I mean WTF - they are OUR guys, and its not like this is Judge Dredd where they have to take "The Long Walk" into the Wasted Earth when they retire.
  12. One of the items we get from our agency, other than a watch, is an agency blanket. It sounds funny but that blanket was what I desired most. I didn't get it at one of my parties, but later at another retirement party for me. Because I didn't get it at the first one, I got worried I wasn't getting one for some reason. I was also awarded officer of the quarter at that party, and presented with a really nice plaque a long with the treasured blanket. I guess that was just so I didn't go away disgruntled.
  13. Excellent!