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!!! Great gear to go !!!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by pjhead, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. pjhead

    pjhead Guest

    heres my list:

    steering wheel cover, brand new, only $5."R"+Racing%7C%7ENONE%7C%7EFALSE%7C%7EFALSE%7C%7E312083%7C%7E723%7C%7E6341-04%7C%7ENONE%7C%7E%249.99%7C%7ENONE%7C%7ENONE%7C%7ENONE%7C%7ENONE%7C%7E1.0%7C%7ENONE%7C%7EV%7C%7EPLA%7C%7Etrue
    3 Flashlights, crookneck military, 2 regular/1 mini/new.
    flashlight and tool kit in one, new, $35.
    TK issues, ec, 17 issues for $40.
    Auto/home back massager, new, only $65.