GREAT Dell support experience!

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Ragin Cajun, Mar 13, 2007.

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    Last night went bad when my 2 month Dell 9200 would not boot up. Trouble lights indicated expansion card issue. Unplugged both cards and still no boot.

    Understand this computer is my lifeblood as a one man engineering outfit. PANIC!!!

    Called Dell support and requested a service rep come out. The guy at the other end asked me to do a few things first. First thing he did was have me disconnect all connections including video and turn the computer on - bingo it came up.

    He found the problem and fixed it! Very sharp and patient about it all too. Thanks Dell!!!

    Turned out my 4 function printer/fax, etc. was the problem via the USP port. Somehow the printer locked up (new daylight savings time issue on the printer side?) Had to pull the printer plug as I could not turn it off from the on/off button. Plugged it back in and the computer booted right up. WHEWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwww

    Now that I think of it, any time I have delt with Dell service they took care of the problem. And this one wasn't even theirs!

    I have heard of service problems, but my experience has been good.

    Dell, keep up the good work!

    By the way, I was in the process of backing up when things went sour! I feared I lost a week of work since the last major external back-up was 3/3/07. I have RAID 1 dual hard drives for continuous internal backup.

    BACKUP your data folks!

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    Good stuff - glad to hear you got help.

    I think we discussed this a couple months ago, but I've become a HUGE fan of the RAID 1 plus a third onboard backup disk approach. Raid 1 mirrors, and then I run an automatic incremental backup on the third drive at close of business (COB) for the day.

    I try to run an external backup daily that goes offsite at the end of the day, and about once a week copy that onto my home machine just for safekeeping, but it doesn't always happen on schedule, since it requires me to go do it.

    It's amazing how much peace of mind I get from knowing I have a bootable copy of my machine from 6:30pm yesterday, sitting right in the computer. Just by resetting my boot drive, I can be back at 6:30pm, right this second.

    Think about how you felt when you thought you'd lost two weeks of work. think about how you would have felt instead if you'd known that you could go to COB yesterday in two minutes.

    I figure the price of the third drive is MUCH less than what it would cost me to be down for a half-day, or to try to re-create more than a day's work. Just a thought!