Greasy spoon

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    A man goes into a greasy spoon-type cafe and he says, "I would like
    one of your special
    full English breakfasts". "No problem." Comes the greasy little fat
    girls reply from behind
    the counter. "But I want it MY way." says the man.
    "What do you mean your way?" comes the reply.
    The man says, "well, I what the eggs only just about done so they look
    like I have snotted
    on them." he says. "I want the baked beans done so they are baking hot
    on the top, and
    freezing cold on the bottom. I want the bacon stuck to the plate with
    grease, with more rind
    than actual bacon. I want fried bread so greasy that the grease
    trickles in to the snotty egg
    and beans."
    "I dont have the time to do all that!" came the reply from the greasy
    little fat girl.
    "WELL YOU HAD TIME YESTERDAY!!!!!!!" came the reply.