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Graveyard plots

  1. Ok so my grandmother died last night an we where at the graveyard telling them to get it ready for sat. I do have to say we where lucky my grandfather was the type to think ahead. He got everything grave marker, plots an a few other things I don't remember lol. Any way I started thinking, how soon is to soon to think about such things? An for that matter how many people on gt have got there's? There where 2 plots right next to my grandparents an my uncle, so I guess that may be part of why I am thinking about this. I think it would be nice to be next to them or am I just crazy?
  2. I am sorry about your grandmother.

    I don't have a plan, but it will probably be something along the lines of cremation followed by getting poured somewhere I like. Hopefully, it won't be a Big Lebowski moment for my friends and loved ones, though.
  3. My wife and I decided where we want to be buried years ago. We are about 50. Our "arangements" are all taken care of. I could have gone to Arlington, but not her, so we decided on someplace different, together.

    Edit to add.. our parents all have their plans and plots in place also.
  4. Sorry about your Grandmother.

    I've been an undertaker since 1977 and still don't own cemetery lots. When my daughter lost a baby 4 years ago we bought them lots though.
  5. I'm sorry for your loss. My parents have had theirs for years and years, they bought them next to their best friends, who later became my brothers in-laws. We haven't done it, but I've thought it about a lot lately, especially since my brother died.

    I think it's a great idea if for no other reason than it's SO MUCH EASIER on your loved ones later. Also, there are always price increases, and I was SHOCKED how much funeral expenses cost. :faint:
  6. My condolences on your loss. May your grandmother rest in peace.

    I currently own two vacant plots side by side next to my father.
    Since then, my wife and I have decided to be cremated. I don't know what I'll do with them now. I may have our ashes buried there or see if I can find any other family members interested in moving in.
  7. I know I want to be cremated there no so much for me. I was thinking about giving one to my mom. They got 4 but my grandparents took 2 an my uncle too the 3ed, the last is for his wife. I was thinking the 2 one I would get would go to my wife when i get one.
  8. I am donating my body to science. What do I care, I'm done with it. :wavey:
  9. We got a fairly large plot where my grandfather was buried when they started selling them off. They were free to church members and my Aunt and Granny had a section. They wanted it squared up and kinda got smart about it when we buried my Uncle..... so Dad squared it up the other way than they wanted. They wanted to make it narrow as it was wider on one end than the other....... so he just made it as wide as it was. There is enough room to bury us all and kids if we end up having any.
  10. I'm sorry for your loss, this is always a difficult time.

    My grandparents, aunt, and mom all have everything pre-purchased. Dad wants to be cremated.

    Me, I hope to live long enough to die on or near my boat, and be wrapped in a burlap bag and buried at sea.

    There is lotsa protein, vitamins, and minerals in this body, may as well go back into the food chain.
  11. You know you're going to end up in my deep freeze.
  12. Sorry for your loss.
  13. :cool:
  14. My condolences to you and your family.

    If you are financially able to purchase something now in a space that you like, then by all means now is a perfect time to do so. My advise would be to buy as many plots together that you can afford so that you can have your family near you. The land is not going to get any cheaper as the years go by.

    The worst thing that can happen is you don't use them and you sell them down the road.
  15. We have a family plot where our family has been buried since before the Civil War. The headstones for myself, my wife and my children have already been placed.
  16. sorry for your loss as well . back in 95 when my dad died my mom set up the plots . the headstone is already set with her name already on it , its creepy to me but oh well. also we have a funeral fund set up by my dad years ago . so when the time comes no money burden will hit us .

    me and the wife already got our funerals planned as well , but we are getting cremated and ashes thrown at our favorite spot .

    i think everyone needs a funeral fund set up IMO
  17. My wife and I are going to the Vet's National cemetery. Never pre buy plots for your kids you never know where life will take them nor what their wishes will be.
  18. The funeral home I work for owns a cemetery as well. I don't have anything to do with the cemetery but I've listened to peoples issues when it comes to plots. If you're sure you want to be buried in a particular location then go ahead and buy the spaces or make a donation or whatever the case is.
    I've seen a lot of people come in looking to be buried in a space and it's already spoken for. I've also had folks come in and want us to buy back spaces because their kids aren't going to be buried there after all.
    I've been in the business for 13 years now and still don't know which cemetery my wife will put me.
  19. 1. Choose where you want to spend eternity.

    2. Buy it now, it isn't going to be cheaper in the future. Also we aren't gauranteed tomorow.

    3. Look around craigslist, maybe somebody who changed their mind is selling cheaper.

    I'm in the same biz as thanospro and Big City. I knew early on where I wanna end up, and am actually making plans to at least purchase that real estate sooner than later just to have a nice spot. I am assuming 60 years down the road all the good spots will be taken, but am realistic to know I could be killed walking across the street tomorow.
  20. That's my point, a parent can't be sure where their kids want to be burried. save your money and let them worry about where they want to be interned when the time comes for them to make that desison. I'm not talking about adults I'm talking about kids.

    I can't for the life of me figure out why someone in this thread already placed their kids stones.
  21. That could make for a lesson for the kids if they start acting up. Take them out there to the plot, show them their stone and ask them "how quick do you want to be in there".
  22. I got mine!
    Sadly, they recently rerouted a county highway so it is now arcs around it. Anybody who goes to the Prime Outlet Malls on 71 north of Cincinnati, stay on old 35 east to Koontz Cemetary. I'll be on the right.
  23. Why tie up valuable real estate? I'm going for cremation and they can scatter me to the Four Winds.
    It's the only way I'll finally get out and see this world.

    I'll find a place to rest my spirit if I can
    Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
    Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
    But I will remain
    And I'll be back again, and again and again and again and again..
  24. Soory to hear about your grandmother, my grandpa passed a couple moths ago so I feel your pain.

    Thankfully I don't have to worry about where I or my wife will be buried, the VA National Cemetary has us covered.
  25. Cremation
  26. I'd like to end up at the Presidio In SF if I had my choice of military cemeteries (which I'm eligible). Regardless of politics, the view is incredible.
  27. So when they desecrate my grave I can haunt the hell out of them.