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    dead guys full face with bullet holes and such..

    "it likely should be referred to a mod for
    an opinion, and rather than go tattle privately i'll ask for a point of order on the issue.

    if it's ok to do that, then it's ok for me to do that.

    what i want to know is if it's ok for me to do it.

    is it? tyvm."

    i'd like a definition of what images aren't allowed so i understand the rules.

    i dunno how mad to be at the guy who may know more than me of what is allowable. i'm willing to be as mad as i'm authorized to be, it bothers me some to use graphic images as emotional battering rams when there's a discussion of topics that aren't OF that order and nature..

    it seems a poignant distraction from civil discourse, detracting from discussion and polarizing the topic and derailing any synergy or mutual agreement on values.

    pisses me off i think is the correct phrase, pardon me for putting it crudely but it's a very elemental response. strong sudden emotion and personally directed antipathy.

    crudeness for emphasis, intentionally.

    you do notice i'm not asking for ACTION? that ain't my desired result.

    i just wanted to gripe and formally ask what the hell the rules really are. i ain't suggesting radical enforcement or i'd miss the cut.
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    GT's TOS

    If it's against the TOS, it's wrong.

    If you see a questionable graphic, then report it. It's not your job to tell the person they need to take it down, it's the mods' job. Your job is simply to report it and then don't worry about it.

    The mods don't venture into every single thread on GT, so we don't always see things and rely on members to report posts that are against the TOS.