Grandma got run over........

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    Jan 23, 2000
    Grandma got run over by a reindeer.
    Santa Claus was then locked up in jail.
    Grandma stood here yelling for a lynching,
    And elves were out there trying to raise bail.

    It was not a pretty picture,
    Her pants punctured by one horn.
    Grandma tends to be vindictive
    And old Prancer may be sorry he was born.

    Artificial respiration!!
    Passed the hat to patch her up.
    Santa gave Grandma a present,
    Her teeth should look real nice in that new cup.

    Oh! The word sure moved like wildfire.
    People came from far and wide.
    Soon a TV poll was taken
    And everyone was on the fat guy's side.

    Children gathered on the sidewalk
    Pleading for the guy in red.
    "If old Santa stays inside there,
    All the children in this town won't go to bed."


    Now the sheriff will release him.
    We'll all cheer for that red coat.
    One thing we all know for certain:
    The poor sheriff has just lost old Grandma's vote.

    Next year, Santa, pay attention,
    As this fine you now must pay.
    Here's the rule you must remember.
    "Our Grandmas always have the right of way."


    Oh, Grandma got run over by a reindeer
    Santa Claus was then locked up in jail.
    Santa now is out there with your presents
    And so you can stop sending all that mail!!