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The range trip was mostly to help a friend get his Sub2K set up and get some shooting in!
I did manage to run one box thru my new Grand Power! The Ammo was Geco - 124g - FMJ and here are the first six shots at 14 yards!!:

Q100 paper.jpg

This, as you can see, is the gen 2 version(I guess you would call it) with the flat trigger. The trigger surprised me the very first shot and that was probably the furthest shot from the dot! Here are three shots on steel at 18 yards:

Q100 steel.jpg

Love the trigger by the way and the gun feels great in hand. Here are three shots on the other steel at 18 yards:

Q100 round steel.jpg

My only miss was at the gong at 25 yards(going 2-3) so I didn't take a picture of that!:innocent:

I only had one "oops" with the first box... and I believe that to be a magazine issue. The slide locked back with the last remaining round still in the mag. I marked that magazine. The pistol ran fine with a different 15 rounder and the 17 rounder shown!! Here are three shots on the popper at approx 30 yards:

Q100 popper.jpg

I had three knockdown target at about 35 yards (8" round and square) and hit them all with maybe one miss . Then out to the far steel at 50 yards and hit 10 shots in a row with no misses:

Q100 far steel.jpg

Then my friend ran a magazine-full thru the pistol...

Can't wait to get it out again and get again and get more rounds thru it!!

Totals for the gun:

50 rounds representing 1 offering
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