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Grand Canyon Carry?

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I'm taking a hiking trip to the grand canyon next month. I believe it is legal for me to either open or concealed carry. (I my Ohio CCW) Because I will be hiking up and down the canyon walls for six days every little bit of weight matters. But, I don't really want to be unarmed either. I'm considering taking my Keltec P-32 because it is so small and light. Anybody have any experience with carrying at the grand canyon? Any opinions are welcome.
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im interested too! i will be hiking the Grand Canyon the middle of next month also. Hiking to to the bottom and camping for a couple of days and then back out. i have my nv ccw which is honored in az. just curious if im good to go also.

Honestly I believe a P-32 is pretty much worthless in the grand canyon. I would leave it at home.
Honestly I believe a P-32 is pretty much worthless in the grand canyon. I would leave it at home.
Why is a P32 more worthless in the Grand Canyon than on a city street? Granted I'd also like to see a larger carry caliber, but the primary reason to carry is for two legged varmints, it seems to me.
Unless you plan to shoot someone in your hiking party, your adversary is unlikely to be within the 7 foot killing range of your p32.
I've walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon also, and backpack camped in a lot of the American West and East when I was younger. I always preferred to sleep on the ground, sans tent, if the weather was decent. I understand your concern about weight since, for a multi day backpacking trip, weight is definitely a serious consideration. I wish I had had a PM40 in those days.

In my day, in certain areas, we didn't have the option to carry. In other areas we could carry. I also car camped a lot when I was in the outdoors. Again, even with car camping, I preferred sleeping without a tent.

Anyway in all my years I only had one occasion where I felt I might have to use a firearm against a four legged animal. I've had several occasions where I felt I might need it against two legged animals.

On the worse occasion I felt under gunned with a full size 1911, six spare loaded magazines, and a back up 380. Thank God things didn't progress to the point I had to use weapons. I hid (out of sight) with my wife and kids, until the potential threat passed on by, since I had heard the 'choppers' coming. Harley's driven by a motorcycle gang make a lot of noise. Just a few weeks before, a woman had been rapped by a motorcycle gang in that area.

On the only occasion where there was a threat from a four legged animal, it was a black bear. Now I've been awakened by a bear within 10 feet of me on many occasions and never really felt threatened. Scared, yes, but not threatened. This potential threat was against another person.

I was car camping by myself, and sleeping outside. For various good reasons, I had left my 44 magnum in the vehicle, although I normally preferred to have it in the sleeping bag with me. Just as daylight was breaking, I awoke to find a black bear looking me over about 10 feet away. I had all food safely secured, and after a minute or two the bear wandered on down through the campground.

However a lady was sleeping on the ground about 60 feet on down below me. This bear went to her sleeping bag, stood right beside it for a few seconds, and then actually nuzzled her sleeping bag enough to move her somewhat. Fortunately she was a 'cool lady' and didn't react. After a few more seconds the bear departed. But had the bear attacked her, I had already unzipped my sleeping bag and was preparing to retrieve my 44 magnum.

For those of you not aware, during a certain time of the month, women are more at risk of bear attack.

Anyway if the P32 is your only light weight option, carry it, and don't worry about it.
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