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Government marijuana is useless for research

  1. Everything has gone downhill since the CIA quit testing LSD
  2. It's just weed.
  3. I'm shocked. OK no I'm not.
  4. Everything they touch turns to caca. Dotgov has the dookie touch.
  5. duh.

    You should meet my buddy, Pat.

    It's not like when we were kids.
  6. "Hey, well, I want to turn in Billy, Man!

    He sold me **** that wouldn't get a fly high!"
  7. And some people want them to control drug companies...
  9. It's a sad thing when burnt out hippies can do a better job than the government. :hippie:
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Uhh... burnt out hippies are the government.
  12. And once again, government incompetence harms veterans
  13. WSLO

    this bears repeating

    images (1).jpg
    images (1).jpg
    images (1).jpg
  14. Oh Friday night, feelin' right
    I head out on the street
    Standin' in the doorway
    Was a dealer known as Pete
    Well he sold me a dime of some super-fine
    Dynamite from Mexico
    I spent all night
    Just tryin' to get right
    On an ounce of Oregano
  15. No no no no
    he's outside
    looking in

    You'll ride an astral plane
    take trips around the bay
    Get you back the same day
  16. Dope is better in times of no money

    Than money is in times of no dope

    ' Furry Freak Brothers'
  17. That's the funniest one liner in the recent history of GT. Thank you!
  18. Sucka... You believe that? :rofl:
  19. Documented and now unclassified.