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Got my SECOND UK lifetime license

  1. It's official. In addition to G0JCZ, I'm also M0LAW for life now.

    (I got that call issued to mirror my primary US call, K5LAW.)

    Now, if the FCC would just get on board with this...
  2. Explain this a little more. You have two lifetime UK licenses? Why?
  3. Why not?

    Seriously, though, I got my first UK license back in 1987 so I could operate in Europe without having to apply for reciprocal licenses. Then, over the years, I just kept it.

    Some years ago, I wanted a callsign to reflect my profession, and got one. Then I got the idea of getting a UK callsign to mirror the new one here. I was issued a second license with the new call, and told I could keep both as long as I paid for them every year.

    Now that the UK has gone to lifetime licensing, they made both of them lifetime, and, even though the US is now signatory to the CEPT protocol, there is absolutely no reason to get rid of them.

    That answer your question?
  4. Yep.

    Now, what's the process to get one?
  5. Check with the RSGB. They'll tell you the current licensing structure, what tests you have to take, and where in the UK you go to take them.

    I took my exams back in 1987, so any info I could give you would be woefully out of date.