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I just got one today. Ive been wanting one for a long while but looking for a G32 as well since I thought the Sig was just too expensive when they can be found. Saw it early today on Armslist and *had* to check it out. Turns out the seller and I know some of the same people I used to work with since he is a retired police officer. He bought it as a Police trade in that was made in 2008.

Still...I feel like I got a great deal in todays environment at $550.00 including a SIG .40 cal barrel, and two 12 round mags in the original sig box.

I got it home and had to try it out right away. What a sweet shooter. Smooth first shot DA then short reset for follow up. I love my Glocks but this thing is sweet! I know I could sell it for more - but just no. Its definitely a keeper. Good thing I just bought a bunch more .357 sig ammo last week.

Time to go holster shopping now.
You did good. the 229 is 1 of the best pistols on the market. Love my 40.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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