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    I ordered the IC-V8000 from on Monday afternoon. It was delivered to my house last night. That's pretty fast service, since the UPS link I checked yesterday morning said it was on schedule to be delivered Thursday! Now I'm just waiting on the antenna to get here. I ordered it from another store.

    As you can tell, I've decided to begin my ham operations with the IC-V8000. I've heard good things about it. For one thing, it's cheap. This way, it will be easier to upgrade to a HF rig once I get my general. (read good things about the IC-706MKII). I almost went ahead and got the FT-8800, but as new as I am, I guess I didn't want to spend that much without knowing more about it. In order to use the cross-band repeater, I'd have to have at least another handheld, right?

    I'm thinking I'm probably going to be using it in my truck. I'll eventually want to get another one for the house. But until then, does anyone know of a neat and easy way to transfer it from the truck to the house without a big fuss?

    Thanks for the input.

    73's to you,
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    Good deal rrog!!
    I did a bit of digging and found an accessory for 5 bux or so that ya might want to have & keep with the rig.
    Scroll to the bottom of the page for the 8800.

    Many people use their rigs for base and mobile. Id recommend getting a second DC wiring harness and a power supply for the house.. the rig draws 15 amps on high power TX so get a 20 amp supply (not radio shak crap!!) or set up sufficient batteries to power up the rig.
    ALSO you can build a 2M antenna a lot cheaper than you can buy one and you get some "project experience". The copper cactus Jpole will handle the power and they're easy to construct.

    In the vehicle...
    Run your power leads directly to the battery by the shortest reasonable route & tie them down well with wire-ties. TRIPLE CHECK the polarity!!! reversing it can toast the rig!!! Look for a rubber grommet on the firewall to run the wires & fuses out thru.. you can cut a slit for the wires and seal it later with silicone.

    Vehicle antenna..
    IMO the NMO antenna mounts are the top dogs! However they do require drilling a hole in the roof & snaking the feedline over the headliner. Mag mounts are fine be be aware they will get crap under the magnet & scratch the paint. Don't crush the coax in a door jamb!! If you have to run thru a jamb make sure it's where there's plenty of cushion by the door seal.

    Use a good 50 ohm coax for your base antenna. (again NOT Radio shak) I'd recommend RG-8 for two meters considering you'll have a longer run. It's quite stiff so ya can't make a real sharp bend but it has less loss per ft than RG-58.
    Check with the local cops or FD & see who does their radio work.. they'll have decent coax in bulk rolls and all the necessary end fittings (PL-259's). you can see... now the fun begins... figuring all this stuff out!!! :shocked:

    Have fun with it.. read the manual 2-3 times at least & keep it handy till you memorize all the functions.

    Best 73 & holler if ya need help..