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Got ANOTHER Gen 5 Glock 34

  1. I bought a Gen 5 Glock 34 with Ameriglo night sights earlier this month. I had originally planned to send it off to Taran Tactical for their combat master package. But, after I got it - I saw that I liked it as is. And, I don't really wanna change out the sights to fiber optics after it has night sights on it... Plus, I think I may occasionally carry it. And, a 3lb trigger (what they will do to it) is too light for carry.

    But, I still wanted to do their combat master package...

    So, I am keeping that 1st one "as is," and I tracked down a SECOND G34. Well, it arrived this week, and I was finally able to pick it up this morning. I put 50 rounds thru it to make sure all is well - now to ship it off to Taran Tactical :D (I wanted to make sure there were no issues before it gets customized)

    I sold an APX and a P99 to cover the cost of the 2nd G34.
  2. I must admit that I’m jealous.

    The Combat Master is definitely a sexy looking pistol.
  3. [​IMG]

  4. You’re going to give Borg Warner a stoke!
  5. Not bad for just 2 months :)
  6. I just placed my order with Taran Tactical and paid. I just need to ship the gun off now
  7. What is their turn around time?

    It’ll be a looker when you get it back.
  8. tempting me to sell my g45 for a 34
  9. Wow! Just looked up the package, $1499 and up to a six month wait. Not sure I coild be that patient. I would like to shoot it when you get it back.
  10. I definitely like the looks of the long slides. People in the know say they shoot softer although I can’t tell a difference.
  11. They say 22-25 weeks. So, close to 6 months
  12. Well, I have waited 13 months on a 1911 many years ago. And, I have wanted one of these for about a year now .... And, I have another regular, unmodified Glock 34 to keep me busy until it comes back...
  13. I’m old fashioned but can’t get used to the front serrations and tapered nose. When I think Glock, I think Block :drunk:
  14. Well, I like the changes. It's what brought me back to Glocks
  15. Resisting is futile. I going to purchase one when a find the right deal.
  16. The nose does look a little odd to me but I’m used to it now.

    I like the front serrations. To me, everything is better except noise coming out of a Kydex holster.
  17. I'm sure I'd get used to it too. Part of me is just jealous - we aren't allowed to own anything other than Gen 3 Glocks in CA because they apparently aren't safe
    stupid state government infringement on federal right to bear arms
  18. Dude, forget the cosmetics, they are a non-issue.
  19. Well, I shipped the gun off to Taran Tactical today :)
  20. Without a doubt my G17 shoots "softer" then my g45. However, I think the g45 gets back on target really quick for follow up shots. Overall in all aspects I **** on my G45 with my 17. I guess I just prefer longer slides.
  21. Very cool

    Congrats on the G34.
  22. Thanks. Finally got to Taran Tactical this morning via fed ex :D :D :D