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Got an awesome deal on a grill at Walmart

  1. If you're in the market for a grill, now is the time to hit your local walmart. Summer stuff is going on clearance. I got a $400 grill for $205. Has an insulated lid which is nice for cold weather, all stainless steel including the burner tents that tend to rust if they're metal, independent ignition for each burner. Comes with a griddle to put over the racks as well for flat-top cooking. Pretty stoked to put it together.



    Yeah yeah yeah, walmart is the devil and I'm a communist for shopping there, I know.
  2. Very nice!

    I bought a little table top Cuisinart grill off Amazon years ago and it has served me well.
  3. Nice find!

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  4. Enjoy. Looks nice.
  5. Buy out if season when you can. No one wants to hold over last years inventory.
  6. Sweet! When we doing steaks?
  7. It's funny because here in AZ, we (I) do a lot more grilling in the winter than summer. This is my grilling season. Standing in front of a 500 degree grill on a 110 degree day is no fun at all. No matter how cold your beer is.
  8. Uh, oops wrong grill thread.
  9. Looking forward to your after action report, Kevinr20.
  10. I’m a Weber guy personally but I hope you enjoy it. We eat a lot of grilled meat year round, I’ve stood in front of my grill in snow storms on more than a few occasions burning meat....