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Got a ransom note!

  1. Here it is. His information is over 10 years old so I can't imagine he could hurt me. Wont bore you with the tragic details of my life, but this is an improvement! Only wish I had a web cam.
  2. They should take people like that, douse them with gasoline, and set them on fire.

    And they should do it on prime-time, live, as a warning to the rest of the predators.

    No parole. No prisoners. No mercy. Not kidding.
  3. I always thought that if you smashed a hacker / identity thief / scammer's hands with a sledge hammer, they wouldn't be able to do those types of crimes.
  4. I'd say, have fun with it .. No Banking or any other IMPORTANT stuff there...
    SO ...... E.S.A.D.....See U XXXXXXX
  5. I would reply that you are and African prince. You will gladly pay 10x the ransoms but you first need to authenticate the account and he needs to deposit 50k into yours first!
  6. A step in the right direction.

    I believe anything worth doing, is worth doing well. No half- steppin'.
  7. After watching a few movies. My desktop the camera, mic were unplugged unless I was actively using them. My iPad has tape over cameras. When you see pics from built in cameras possible.

    IIRC one HIGH school issued laptop computers. Built in was a program that not only took screen shots (which a argument maybe could be made ). But also took camera shots at set times when computer on. Students had computer running when getting dressed...
    Who thought having it take pictures in students hones was a good idea?
    My wife foes the same. Black, or duct tape over cameras that can't be physically unplugged.