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Got a new bedside gun

  1. Did some trading and threw in a couple hundred $ and got this.....
    If 35+1 rounds of 9mm doesn't stop someone then they can have whatever they want. Not much more I will be able to do to stop them.
  2. WOOOOOOOO... I like!
  3. Ain't that the truth! Well said!

    Congrats, on the new blaster! :cool:
  4. Nice.
    But wondering, what does it do for HD that a G35 with a happy stick and a light on the rail can't do?
  5. Absolutely nothing except feeling like a SBR instead of a pistol.
  6. Very cool

    Congrats! :cool:
  7. Hey...any excuse to buy another gun, right? I can see that! Good on ya!
  8. that's cute. drooling with envy
  9. Can’t find any fault in that weapon
  10. Needs more cowbell.

  11. Wow nice! It is on my wishlist!
  12. Looks like it will fit the bill indeed...
  13. That's always been my question. They do look cool and I'm sure they're fun, but they're 9mm. Why not just get an AR pistol in 300 Blackout? That's what I did. The only pistol caliber in something like that I might buy is 10mm, but even then, how is that going to be better than my G20 with a 6.5 inch threaded barrel?

    Sorry, not trying to bash your new gun, it's very cool. They've always just seemed to fill a niche that has no real purpose to me.
  14. Or a G17 properly outfitted ?

  15. I would never own one of those, but not for the reasons you think. I reload 9mm. I find it carthetic. I enjoy reloading, all calibers. I even cast my own occasionally too. That being said, if I owned a scorpion like that, I'd be loading constantly because I wouldn't be able to stop myself from pumping 1000s of rounds down range every session! :50cal:
    Enjoy it.
  16. For me, it's the forearm and stock.
  17. That's some good trading right there!
  18. I like... let us know how she performs! :2gun:
  19. 3 points of contact, a better grip and the muzzle is closer to you than a fully extended 35.
  20. Very cool! Congrats
  21. Nice.

  22. Nice!:cheers: My brother has one and he loves it.

    Was at his place the other day and decided to take a pic of it next to my truck/bedside gun.
  23. BamaTrooper...good points. For me I wouldn't of spent the money because of that, but can fully understand it being important to someone else. Suppose that is what makes America great!

    Best to you.
  24. That is nice. I like it
  25. I have a SA Saint Edge or a Keltec RDB. 20-30 rds of .223 and a red dot and sling.
  26. Wouldn't want to be your neighbor.
  27. Very cool coloring. CZ makes a fine PCC.

  28. Not sure why but, ok.
  29. Don't worry.... you can be my neighbor
  30. I think we would have a blast. My current neighbors like me. Except the one, but...I did bear spray her dog when it came after me.
  31. Aiming at the letter itself it does this at 10 yards....

    And this at 30 yards......
    I like to think I shoot a pistol better than most but I can't do that at 30 yards with a pistol with no rest. Granted the 10 yard...I can no problem.
  32. Ahhh... point made!
  33. Is it lumpy under yer pillow?

    Enjoy that!
  34. Yep. Being small is the only thing a handgun does better than other types of firearms. Inside your home being small is less of a virtue than traveling outside the home while conceal carrying for instance.