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Got A igh Noon Kydex Holster

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Horse hide is my preferred choice in holsters but I do appreciate and use some kydex rigs. Bought a new Glock Gen4 22 recently so I decided to try something from High Noon Holsters kydex line. I just received one of their OWB Extreme Perimeter models with matching mag carrier. Got it in OD green with contrasting black back panel. I am very impressed with this rig. Typical High Noon quality, design, and craftsmanship plus it just looks damn good. Perfect fit and smooth draw. Close to the body and conceals easily under a loose t-shirt. What really got my attention is this is the most comfortable holster I own. I highly recommend these holsters with no reservations. Bill
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Thanks for posting this. I was intrigued and curious about High Noon's entry into the Kydex market. I have, use and like their leather holsters and expected their Kydex ones to be the same. But ya just never know! :dunno:This gives me the information I expected (but you can't be too sure...) and my next holster might just be a High Noon Kydex.
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