Goose problems ( release)

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    Little bitty Goose

    I ran into a problem with my new scott release. The single caliper design would not fit over my metal D-loop. Basically the jaws would not open wide enough when released and it was just a pain to even clip on the release to the loop. I change over to the 5-star center nock design that I just happen to have and finally just flat out scratch that and whent back to basic copper crimp nock and rubber cushion button.

    Have anybody else seen anything like this with dealing with single calipers and metal loops?

    Also it seems like the allen screw tension did not really make a difference. The pkg include another lever and spring and I was not sure if this was a spare of the exact thing I have inside currently or is it totally different.

    The Little Bitty Goose, replaces my thru-fire design and I found it to be very uncomfortable at first. The tru-fire wrist and brackets feels alot better than the single buckle around the wrist, plus the fact that it is more comfortable when pulling back on the grip.

    One big advantage I can see with the scotts archery style is the wrist strap leaves the hand more free todo other things then with my cheaper made tru-fire.

    btw: if anybody wants a D-loop let me know and I will give it to you FREE. It clamps around the bow string serving with 2 small screws. Just PM me.
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    It took me until I was halfway through your post to figure out that you were talking about archery. :)

    I am no help, but at least it bumps your post to the top.