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Good stuff in the Italiano/Americano Dizionari

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Those of you who aren't in The Outpost deserve to read this one too.

First of all, this is actually an American-Italian/Italian-American Dictionary. It is NOT an English-Italian Dictionary. They explain why American isn't the same as English, in the front of the book, but it's written in Italiano, and I have not achieved the level of mastery necessary to translate that part.

Anyway, I was looking for something else, and I noticed the word "****".

So, here goes:

****: Fottere, scopata, chiavata

**** You!: Vaffanculo

****!: Cazzo!

I don't give a ****! "Non me ne importa un cazzo!"

To **** around: perdere tempura, cazzeggiare

****ed up: (slang) confuso, incasinato, malato (di mente) {sickness of the mind}, rotto, non funzionante

****ing: {as in "this ****ing computer", or "that ****ing piece of **** car"} maledetto, dannato

I thought some of you might enjoy that.

I used "Non me ne importa un cazzo!" several times today. The boys taught me a few other words that I didn't know.

BTW: Cazzo = dick, and figa = *****. The guys in this part of Italy use figa the way we use "****!" (as in something just went wrong, and you say "****.")

From other areas in Italy, they use cazzo the same way.
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I suggest you use those words as much as possible whilst stationed there.

BTW - I have an important question RE: a certain project... Do you have a trusted someone there who would be willing to translate an odd couple of phrases from English to Italian?

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I don't foresee any trouble with that. We're all oilfield folk, even the cute Russian translators aren't shocked when they hear our dirty words, but they won't teach me Russian derivatives of the same stuff.

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BigPhil;11412091 said:
<--Was never invited to the outpost.:crying:
It's like Project Mayhem except friendly, i.e. gay.
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