Good Southerner

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    Sep 10, 2001
    A Southerner went into the big city for the first time. After strolling around the downtown area for a while, he happened to look up and see a man at the top of a tall building. The man looked like he was ready to jump off.

    Concerned about the man's fate, the Southerner immediately started thinking of things he could tell the man so that he would want to live and would not jump.

    "Remember your wife," yelled the Southerner.

    "She divorced me," said the man.

    "Remember your kids," yelled the Southerner.

    "They ran away," said the man.

    "Remember your parents," yelled the Southerner.

    "They are both dead," said the man.

    "Remember Robert E. Lee," yelled the Southerner.

    "Who in HELL is Robert E. Lee?" inquired the man.

    "Jump, you Yankee Son of a B*tch." replied the