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This is not my post but is an interesting perspective, I am not sure about the number of firearms quoted, but it is around 400 million.

More Americans own more guns and ammunition today than at any time in the history of the nation. Gun control has done nothing to stop gun ownership, it’s a proven fact, the more liberal kooks talk about gun restrictions, the more people buy guns. It’s been said many times Obama was the greatest gun salesman ever, that’s because for eight long tortured insufferable years Obama couldn’t stop his purple lips from constantly yapping about firearm confiscation. President Trump is probably the second most prolific gun salesman ever, but that’s because he encouraged Americans to buy guns so they could defend themselves against a tyrannical, dictatorial government. Currently there are probably more than 105 million Americans with close to a billion firearms, and unimaginable amounts of ammunition. Putting it all in perspective, 105 million is more than double the entire active military in the world, it’s about fifty times the entire law enforcement and military combined in the United States. All the gun control the kooks can muster doesn’t mean a thing, if the time comes when the American people have no choice but to crush the government, gun control will be irrelevant. As always, the
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There are some very interesting facts about gun ownership in the US. To worry about what the govt. will do to us is really kind of silly because the 2A IS working and it's working quite well!
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