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good idea folks!

  1. Not a mason, but I am fascinated. Moving from ft. Collins to denver soon for work and thinking about finding a lodge door to knock on, so to speak.

    Been curious since I was a teen. Ready to find out more!

    Thanks for the space :)
  2. Cochese, that is your best bet find a local Lodge and stop by. I'm glad I did. Jay P.
  3. I sorta wish I was staying in Fort Collins because they have an AWESOME looking temple that is about 100 years old. I also have a suspicion that one of my old friends is a mason as I was checking out their website and I saw his name mentioned as a newly raised member, and his name is pretty unique.

    Is there a way I could ask him on the sly to find out if he is a traveler? Or should I just out and ask him?
  4. If he is your friend then just ask.

    If you are making a permenant move to Denver you may want to wait but your friend in FT. Collins should be able to give you advice.
  5. I appreciate the guidance!