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Good Gun, Good Ammo = Good Grief!! Fun!! CZ P-09 357Sig range trip!

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My last P-09 range report was titled "Near Perfect" and, with a couple of loads on this trip, it was near perfect again!!
First load up was Precision One Ammunition - 125g - FMJ. They sold this box listed as "seconds". If this is seconds.... I'll take seconds!! Sign me up for firsts! Maybe even thirds! Here are the first six shots on paper at 14 yards:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Air gun

Now, a perfect run for me used to be 19 shots - Three good shots on paper and then three hits on each steel at their respective distances (except for one shot, one hit on the knockdown). These days, I have three knockdowns at 33 yards so 21 shots would be a perfect run!
The first time around the pattern, I only had one miss...on the popper at 29 yards. Here is steel to my left at 18 yards:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Shooting

In the background you can make out a knockdown at 33 yards and then the far steel at 50 yards!
The Precision one ammo ran without a bobble.... and the the next time around I had a perfect run - all hits!! Here is the 8" square knockdown @33 yards after the second run:


Then I sent the remaining rounds towards the 50 yard steel...missing twice. The total for the 50 round box looked like this:

6-6 on round steel 18 yards
6-6 on other 18 yard steel (pictured above)
6-6 on the 25 yard gong
5-6 on the popper @ 29 yards away
2-2 on the 8" square knockdown target at 33 yards
2-2 on the 8" round knockdown target at 33 yards
2-2 on the 7.2x12" small silhouette knockdown target at 33 yards
12-14 on the 50 yard steel

Holster for the day....made by Gearcraft:

Handgun holster Gun accessory Outerwear Belt Pocket

Next load up was Wisconsin Cartridge Corp. - 125g - FMJ (RL). This is remanufactured ammo and not bad, but my numbers did tail off a little. Here are six shots on paper @14 yards:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Gun accessory

I would kinda get two shots right in there and then one would stray. I was still a perfect 6/6 on both 18 yard steels but went 4/6 on the gong @25 yards:

Recreation Air gun Shooting

Also 4/6 on the popper @29 yards and then out to the knockdowns @ 33 yards...... I was all over the map. I went 2/2 on this silhouette one:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Revolver

two-fer-three on the 8" square and then my Waterloo....2/7 on the 8" round. Rounding it out, I connected six outta eight on the 50 yard steel! I did have the slide fail to go completely into battery once with this ammo.

Next load up was Federal American Eagle - 125g - FMJ....and I was back in the saddle again. Here are six shots on paper @14 yards with Federal:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Gun accessory

Four snug as a bug.... and one of the "flyers" hit the bullseye!!

Much like the Precision One Ammunition, I only missed three shots out of a box of 50 and function was perfect. My misses were twice on the popper @ 29 yards (4/6) and once on the small silhouette knockdown @33 yards (2/3).

Here is the round 18 yard steel. Shots hit a tad low but were smooshed in there pretty good!!(6/6):

Shooting sport Recreation Shooting Air gun Shooting range

The far steel at 50 yards = all hits (13/13):

Turquoise Turquoise

Totals for this gun:

610 rounds in 357Sig representing 14 offerings
0 rounds in 40 S&W

The right ammo in the right gun is oh so nice! Parting shot: first three shots on the gong @ 25 yards with Federal ammo:
Recreation Shooting sport
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I missed it, which 357Sig barrel is that?
I missed it, which 357Sig barrel is that?

The barrel comes from the CZ custom shop!!
I had no idea .357 sig was an option. cz 09 is a great gun. may need to into that.
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