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Good Cop, Good Cop.

  1. Chalk one up for the good guys!
  2. I wonder why the children were not turned over to the father(s). :shakehead:
  3. Why did she have her kids back from the first incident?
  4. In the words of Ron White "ya cant fix stupid". Thankfully there are some sharp LEO's out there.
  5. Another mental case that is unfit for parenting.
  6. Good luck locating any of them,probably told 43 different men they were theirs:rofl:
  7. It's a shame the good Ms. Smith didn't assault the cops and get a faceful of OC and an asskicking.
  8. Laquita ???
  9. Because of are broke judicial system that doesn't give a crap.
  10. Dont be hatin'.:supergrin:
  11. Who? :dunno:
  12. There is one that I know of named Latrina. I kid you not.
  13. Found an infant in a car in a barracks parking lot one night. Mom was upstairs turning tricks. In the UP of Michigan, in the winter. Her "boyfriend" had the gall to complain about the busted window. Didn't get him very far.
  14. And the sad part is they only caught her twice. Who knows how much those children have been neglected.
  15. Good job, officer! :thumbsup:
  16. If we let her have 'em back, we'll pay taxes to support them forever.

    I wonder how many unparented children there'd be if child endangerment was a capital offense?
  17. There are plenty of parents who are looking to adopt kids. Please, for the love of God, turn them over to someone who will take care of them. Think of it. 22 months old...
  18. Get drunk,
    Drive your kids to a friends house
    Let kids freeze in the car
    Bad parent, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to jail

    good cop, here's a donut
  19. Damn those nosy cops!

    :) Great job.

  20. What gave those cops any reason to violate those peoples rights,,,"suspicios" Properly parked vehicle in oher words.. More papers Please mentality.. a slippery slope indeed...............

    It is GNG after all :supergrin:
  21. Drunk as she may have been, she wasn't so drunk as to not keep her nasty butt warm. But she left the kids to freeze, outside of a house in which she was warm. Don't be surprised if we aren't getting the entire story on her end.

    Kids I suspect we're paying the upkeep on.

    Well fine, I suspect we can also do a better job of caring for them.
  22. For those of you that aren't cops, this story may seem shcking. Its not unusual. Not at all. Sad huh? And remember, chances are for every one she brings into the world, her monthly paycheck goes up.