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Good brain numb entertainment: VW bus engine rebuild video (VWDarrin)

  1. I just stumbled across this, I'm about 18 minutes into a to a 1hr4min video and thought I'd share cuz I'm enjoying this. Very real, very cool, very basic auto mechanics. I've heard of VWDarrin before, he has his own YT channel, has all the really cool tools. This is not on Darrin's channel, but shows him doing the engine rebuild on a '62 Bus, the restoration's been going on for almost a year.

    Take a couple links to their respective main channels, and down the rabbit hole ya go.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVugebpCrmo
  2. I have rebuilt a couple of these engines. They are a little different than doing a V8 and quite easy to build up to something bigger. Bigger pistons/jugs, 3/4 cam, headers, bigger carb, aftermarket air filter. Being air-cooled was their big Achilles as that could lead to vapor lock in the summer.

    And I almost forgot, the lack of heat/defrost in the winter made owning one a real challenge in the winter.

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  3. My ex-brother in law had a VW bus and we once took a short 15 mile ride in winter, and thanks to it's lousy top end speed and no heat I was about ready to strangle him and set the seats on fire to get warm, it was miserable!
  4. Well, it was 1930's mechanical tech that got carried on till the 80's here, and the 2000's elsewhere. Was pretty cool engineering for an 'everyman's car' when originally conceived though. I mean, for Nazis and all that, but still ... neato.

    I remember the days of VW air-cooled beetles and buses all over the place, but never owned one. Had a buddy in highschool who had a Karmann Ghia with a rusted out floorpan, you could watch the road rolling by under your feet.

    I admit though, I'd like to have a 50's/60's Beetle or original Type 2 bus as a recreational toy, but I don't have the space and can't justify the expense for what they are.
  5. My buddy in high school who was the first to get his driver's license in our circle of friends had a VW van. It was like riding inside a Frigidaire freezer in northern Maine winters. But we had a lot of fun and I still think of the day some of use...including a few girls, skipped school piled into the van and went swimming.
  6. I would love to build an old school trike with a VW or Porsche motor.
  7. I had a VW Camper for three years in Germany. It was equipped with a gasoline fueled heater designed to be used until the actual exhaust manifold heater had time to warm up. Only one switch...on or off...no in between. Only one heat outlet...a four inch diameter hole that exited beneath the rear seat. It would go from freezing to "omigawd it's hot in here" in less than two minutes.
  8. Sky's the limit.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLDQlydaqlI
  9. Ha, funny you posted this. I just rebuilt an old vdub waterboxer...

    It's fun to watch these and see how the hobby guys do it. Hes got a well outfitted shop for a hobby guy. Bet he makes some money out of it.