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    a bunch of people were running around the pasture, knocking these little white balls around with long sticks. turns out, they were trying to knock them little white balls into a little hole in the ground. well, anyway, one of the guys was trying to knock his little ball about two feet, into one of these little holes. when they're doing that, they usually stand with that stick in front of them, with their hands right in front of their crotch area. hold the picture of the guy trying to putt while we go way over to a guy trying to drive, with a driver about the size of a brick. he hits, and that ball comes flying up that golf course, and hits the first guy right in in the crotch area. he drops to ground, writhing in agony, holding his hands where they were before. a lady came running up yelling for everyone to stand back cause she knows CPR. she jerks down his trousers, pulls out her udder balm, and commences to massage the guy, explaining that she'd seen the procedure on a medical show. after a little while she asks the guy if it feels better. "ma-am, i gotta admit it feels wonderful, and i hate for you to stop, but do you have anything in that bag for my broken thumb?"