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Golfers: I need good/affordable golf in Utah County?

  1. I need to find a good place to golf in Utah County...

    Seems like it is harder to find a decent course for cheap here in Utah than it is in Vegas... I don't mind municipal courses or playing twilight times... just don't want to pay an arm and a leg.

    Can you get 18 holes and a cart for less than $20 anywhere??

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. It's been forever ago but I think there was a course up by 7-peaks. It must have been cheap becuase I played it quite a bit. There are a couple really cool par threes that the greens are like 100' lower than the tee, kinda like bombing practice.

    Anybody know the one I'm taling about??

    (if you go rent a cart, you'll be glad you did)
  3. There's a golf course near Springville at the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon. I'm not a golfer so I have no clue about their rates.

    All I know is that there's usually a buck strutting around on the course during the deer hunt.:steamed:
  4. Yeah, I have played that one. It's not the cheapest. I don't mind paying more to play certain places occasionally, but I'd like to find a cheaper place to play somewhat regularly... just to keep up on my game.
  5. Gorelicks check this this out. No prices, but it looks comprehensive on everything else.
  6. That one's gone. A bunch of houses and stuff there now.
  7. I think they are all fairly reasonable in price around the south part of the county.
    Gladstan is in Elk Ridge. Fun course.
    Spanish oaks is near the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. Gets a little windy sometimes.
    Hobble Creek is my favorite. It's up Hobble Creek canyon in Springville.
    East Bay in Provo is convenient, and reasonable in price. It's Across from Novell, 1800 South about 200 east. And they have an executive course for lunch time vistors.

    Good luck.
  8. ...guess it's been longer than I thught.

    Must be some road, that's a pretty steep hill as I remember.
  9. Cascade is probably the cheapest.
  10. From the looking around I have done, East bay and the former Tri-City are about the best I can do price-wise...