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    Bill, the avid golfer, contacts a "Medium" and asks if there
    is a golf course in Heaven.
    The Medium says that his request is a big order,
    but he will try and find out and get back to him in a few
    days. After several days go by, Bill finally gets a call from the
    Medium. "Well," said Bill, "What did ya find out?"
    "I've got good news and bad news for you," said the Medium.
    "OK, what's the good news?" Bill exclaimed. "Well, there is
    a beautiful 36 hole golf course in Heaven,
    and you'll have 24 hour access with your own personal caddy,
    " blurted out the Medium!!
    "And the bad news?" asked Bill.
    "You're due to tee-off this Sunday at around 10:30 in
    the morning," the Medium said!