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    Being short for the weekend foursome, they invited a workmate to join them for a round of golf.
    He was such a good player that they invited him back the following Sunday morning at 10.00.
    He agreed,"Sunday, 10.00. Ok but I may be 10 minutes late."
    That Sunday he arrived exactly on time, played right handed and beat them all resoundingly.
    They again organised for next Sunday at 10.00am.
    He responded, "Sunday, 10.00. Ok but I may be 10 minutes late."
    Once again he arrived on time and this time played left handed. Again he thrashed the other three.
    In the clubhouse after the game they organised the following Sunday's golf.
    As he was about to respond, one of the others jumped in and said, " every week you say the same thing, "I may be 10 minutes late." But every week not only are on time but you can play either left or right handed. How can you explain this?"
    "Well, when I wake in the morning, if my wife is laying on her left side, I play left handed. If shes laying on her right side I play right handed. Simple really."
    "And what if your wife is laying on her back?" asked his freind.
    He replied, "Thats when I'll be 10 minutes late."

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