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    Jesus and Moses are out playing a round of golf when they come to a long water hole. Jesus contemplates the distance and pulls out his driver. Moses says, "What are you doing? You can't carry the water from here! Lay up."

    Jesus replies, "I saw Tiger Woods play this hole the other day, and he cleared the water. If he can do it certainly I can do it!" And with that he takes his swing and knocks the ball clean to the middle of the lake. Moses sighs, walks to the lake, parts the water, retrieves the ball and returns it to Jesus. "I told you that you couldn't clear the water, so lay up. I'm NOT getting your ball for you again!" Moses says crossly.

    Jesus replies, "I saw Tiger Woods clear the water from here and he is a mere mortal! I can do this!" And with that he takes his swing and plunks the ball right in the water again. He looks at Moses, who just shakes his head. So Jesus heads out to the lake.

    While Jesus is walking on the water looking for his ball the next foursome arrives at the hole. One of the guys looks out and says, "Look at that guy walking on the water! Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?"

    Moses answers, "No, he IS Jesus Christ, but he THINKS he's Tiger Woods!"